I had a question about deferring items to other professionals. Is it proper to defer to contractor companies that has approached me to be on a referral list or is that just setting me up for extra liability. Just wanted to see what everybody else’s opinion was.

Benny Kleven


If you know the contractors to be reliable and professional, I would have no hesitation recommending them.

I believe it may increase your liability somewhat. I currently recommend a Licensed/Bonded Handyman Contractor, and a similar Painter and Electrician. I believe that their insurance/bond/license will shield me enough. Not to mention they do very good work.:slight_smile:

I hand out a list.

I won’t refer unless I know the guy (or girl), seen their work (or used them myself) and I check on their past clients. I have a list of people I refer, but I try to have 2 or 3 in each category.

Same here, I have a list of at least 3 in each catagory and I have personally seen thier work or have had work performed on my home by them. I also check thier references, but realize they won’t give you bad refences. I also check the local supply stores to see if they pay thier bills on time, its amazing what you can find out from this source.

How very true! I tell my clients to do the very same thing. Usually the smaller hardware supply and lumber stores will tell you who the good and the bad are. From my years in retail and service, you get to know who you trust and who you wouldn’t take a bicycle to in order to fix a flat tire.