Question about mobile app

I know that there a lot of you that use Inspector Pro. I have just downloaded the trial version.

My question is, do you have to have cell phone service while at the inspection in order to use the mobile app? Service is sparce where I live, especially out in the field.

Thanks Guys

No, you definitely don’t need any cell service. Just make sure you’ve downloaded your templates at home before going out.

I also have a question I think its a simple question may hap some mobile use can answer. When you are using two devices in the field and want to merge at the desk top how do you assign file names on the mobil device do thay have to be the same file name or do they have to have some difference in the name

This is probally answered in the tutioral :mrgreen: but I did not go through the whole tutioral

You can name them whatever you want. Open the first, click File-Import/Merge and select the second.

so no conflict if both devices have the same file name such as address/client name. I bought two new androids and want to try out the merger function. We down loaded the latest version of HIP today and will sign up for a year of cloud asap. The software is not picking up internet to upload a templet but hope to have that resolved soon. Looking forward to regaining some of my life before its over. Dam reports anyway

Good luck Charlie.Just got a cool phone that seems like it will let me do the same soon.Do like Dom said and upload at home on the wifi or go find a McDonalds but do not eat there if you wish to live long.

No problem at all. Just make sure the names are at least slightly different. I recommend adding your initials at the beginning or end of the filename.

Gotcha just signed up for the cloud service and have inspections scheduled for the remaining of the week. I want to make those androids smoke and have some free time with my horses:D:D:D They don’t talk back to me

Check out Charley for a good overview tutorial of mobile.

We blew through a 3X2 one car garage and crawl space using the mobil devices today barely added 1/2 hour to inspecting and decresed report writing by two hours. Don’t have all the options down yet still adding pics and captions at the desktop but will get that worked out with an additional flash for the device the camera on the device and its flash sux. Whoopie I have the remaining of the day off. Going to watch the Thunder Kick a** on Denver:D:D

Pics and captions is what I do on mobile .

I plan on that also but must crawl before I walk and walk before I run;-)

That’s fantastic Charley! That was just your first time too. You’ll get much faster as you go along. Go have an extra cold one for me!

If you’re using a tablet, that’s what happens.

I use my Samsung S7 Android phone. Takes great pics, and don’t have to slot pics back at the home office (except for the ones my assistant takes with hand held camera). It also takes great video, which I am slowly learning how to implement into a report. I think the video may be useful in a few, select cases (like water faucet drips or leaks, which don’t show up well on pictures)

Good Luck, Red Hat!!

We use note 4’s, my assistant takes and captions almost all the pics. I enter all the narratives on my device, then merge back at the office. If there is an agent tapping fingers or something, I will not add narratives onsite, instead go through summary on photo device and add narratives on my device.

Loved my note 4, had it a few years, then the charging port went bad, so I had to “upgrade” to the S7.

Very similar, with a few more features. Of course, I haven’t got through the entire learning curve.

If HIP mobile is on your note 4’s, why not let your assistant click on some of the “canned” narratives, like “windows operational”, Floor and wall materials, etc.? I’ve been thinking of doing that myself.

We tried that but my assistant keeps busy with just the pics n captions. Also found it way faster to goto summary on device with pics and scroll through pics to make sure no comments get left out, as opposed to clicking through each section back n forth between pics and comments. Even when alone now I use one device for pics and the other for comments. I thought my original note 4 died, so I bought another with a couple back up batteries, and realized that the phone didn’t die the batteries did. If it is your charge port is bad you could use a wall charger and change out batteries as needed and have an extra device at least for backup.