HIP Mobile Stopped Working

I do lots of inspections in rural areas, where there is no cell service. When I don’t have cell service, the mobile app stops working, and automatically starts over at the opening page (manage, sync, or open), several times during the inspection. It has no problem starting again, but re-starts 25 or 30 times during the inspection.

It’s frustrating and adds time to my inspection. It only occurs when I have no cell service. I didn’t think running the app required cell service?

Anybody else have this issue, and is there a fix in place, or in the works?

You do not mention which device you are using. Older devices did that .

It did it with my “old” Samsung Galaxy S4, and I just got a new Samsung S7 last week, same issue.

Sounds like some sort of issue for Dom then. I had that issue with my old cells.Most likely a setting or template issue.

It has nothing to do with cell service. HIP does not use cell service unless you upload an inspection to the cloud. I do plenty of inspections in areas with no cell service and have no issues.

HIP does occasionally crash on me, but it always re-opens right away, and as far as I can tell, I’ve never lost any data.

The few times I’ve had problems with HIP Mobile, I powered off my entire phone (Note4), re-started the phone, and it seems to solve any problems.

Having nothing to do with HIP, but everything to do with Android: I had a major issue with my text app the other day. I deleted the app, re-downloaded it, and now it’s fine.

Do you have the latest version? I think it is 4.7.28 right now.

Yes, I believe you’re right Ian, but a strange coincidence it only happens when there’s no cell service. I’ll try re-starting it next time. I was scared of losing the inspection, but as you said, it always starts right back up, but when it does go down, it’s consistent each time a new area of the inspection is opened.

No, Dave, I need to update. I have 4.7.1

(I’m resistant to change–it freaks me out and screws with my OCD :stuck_out_tongue: )

Newest versions are usually the most stable.
Just guessing but maybe being in bad signal areas stresses the processor more from going in and out.

Oh man, Dom made so many great changes in the last update.
You’re missing out by not updating.

That’s an interesting theory.

I know when we go camping, we have to turn our phones off, because the phones drain their batteries quickly trying to look for a signal.

I’ve inspected plenty of times in places without signal, but I’m generally only in such locations here and there, and generally only 3-4 hours a time.

May be worth using airplane mode next time to see if that makes a difference.

I think Bob is on the right track. First, HIP doesn’t even look for the Internet unless you’re uploading or downloading. When you have no or a weak signal the battery does drain much faster and the phone heats up more as it’s constantly checking for signal, and other apps that are trying to connect keep draining things as well (i.e. Facebook). That extra processor drain could be causing apps to crash.

To test this out, next time you have a bad signal, put your phone in airplane mode and see if it acts any different. Also, make sure that all apps except for HIP are closed.

Make sure you also have HIP set to save after every item, instead of section (under Settings tab).

I found that just prior to starting my inspection I close all apps. You would be surprised how many can remain open. I have seen 30 or 40 running since they were used once. Galaxy S5.

That does make a huge difference. I have several areas that I use airplane mode because of lack of signal.

I am waiting for a new phone and plan on not using a carrier so it can focus on mobile just for this reason partially.

Good point.

So many apps stay open in the background long after you’ve used them, and suck away at your battery and processor.

I try to remember to do a “close all” once a day.

I use a Galxy S7 and close every app after use and I can make about 16 hours before a battery recharge.

I just ordered two new mobile devices and plan on trying mobile one more time my son and I are going to try the merge don’t know if we are going to do pic on site or add on the desk top have not decided yet as the best approach.

I do know I am sick to death of spending all my time writting reports

The key with mobile, as I’m discovering, is to restructure your templates to the way you inspect on site.

Once can eliminate a lot of jumping around in the app by combining or separating sections so that it flows for how your brains thinks on site and not getting hung up on how your template is currently laid out.

For example, I moved foundation vent screens from the foundation section to the exterior section since I’m usually looking at the screens while inspecting the exterior.

I got tired of having to go to “Interior” then scroll down to “smoke detector” every time I made an observation about smoke or CO detectors. Sure, it makes sense smoke detectors are a sub-section of interior, but it didn’t flow right to me on site, so I made smoke detectors it’s own section. And because it’s comes right after interior section, it doesn’t look any different when I generate the report this way.

I’ve got a list of further changes I want to make that will help me flow better on site with less jumping around.

But of course, what works for one person may not work for the next, so you really have to set up for the way YOU think.

My issue with that is room by room is more natural yet I certainly do not use a room by room format in my report even if easier to record.

Example would be receptacles which are seen room by room but go to the Electrical section as to have a usable report for Clients,Lawyers,Agents and Contractors it should be system by system.

My only exception is Bathrooms and Kitchen .

Now talk about multi-units and system by system becomes even more important.

Agreed. I’m certainly not saying set up a room by room template and inspect that way.

But a few minor tweaks here and there can make using mobile smoother.