Question: Am I loosing it?

I spend a lot of time at home, writing reports and waiting for inspection calles, etc, especially during the slow times between Thanksgiving and New Years when few people are buying houses.

And I noticed something.

I recieved an average of 5 phone calls a day that were solicitations (both on my home phone line, and on my business line). people wanting to sell me web SEO services (Sorry, I do my own) and insurance and people trying to sell me “home improvement” work.

Around here, and we usually see it in the summer months, but are now seeing year round, there are many what we call “Irish Travelers”, i.e., un-licensed, non-professional tradesmen who sell inferior materials and service and are impossible to find when the new roof leaks or the new tile in the bathroom shower starts falling off. You know the type.

I also get them coming to the door, and they won’t take no for an answer!

So, this afternoon, the doorbel rang and the daughter beat me to it. Two guys, the usual pitch.

“Good afternoon, sir. We are with &&&&& home improvement and we will be starting a job, just down the street, and want you to know if you have any questions or need any work…”.

Right then, I cut them off. I said “Goodbye, and don’t come back.”

They got all offended, “Why are you being like that? We were just informing you of our work and our services, in case you need any work done…”. Me: “No, I don’t need any work done and I wouldn’t hire you if I did. See that truck in mu driveway? I make a living inspection crap work, I don’t need any on my house! Get off my property!”

They act all offended, but they would not leave. I kept telling them to leave, but they just stood there telling me that I was being unreasonable and how my neighbors had greeted them and why was I being so mean.

I just kept saying, “Get off my property.”.

And I really felt like getting mu gun.

Not to shoot them or even load it, but just to demonstrate that I REALLY DIDN"T WANT THEM TO DO ANY WORK ON MY HOUSE!!!.

I slammed the door on them, but they kept ringing my bell, asking me why I was being so “unfriendly”.

Have I been doing this job too long? I have seen so much crappy work, and (not as a home inspection, but as a consultation, when people have problems) explaining to soooo many people that they have paid good money to have some clowns do crappy work, which they are going to have to pay much more money to have fixed by compitent professionals to fix. It’s like telling people that they have cancer, for Gosh sakes!

So, am I losing it? Do any of you have advice?


I grab my camera and to take their picture .Usually they are gone instantly

I think you are only officially losing it when you do finally shoot one of them.

Post a no soliciting sign on your house.

In my city they will be arrested for trespassing if they ignore it.

If they kept ringing the bell like that at my house, after the were told to leave, my next trip to the door would have been with a firearm, loaded and ready.

This doesn’t happen where I live as I have a gate at the driveway and two big dogs. I don’t even get religious types trying to save me.

Good thought.

I did ask for their company name, license and insurace numbers (they responded, “Why are you bing such a hater?”

Lot of older people in this area. Makes it a “thief magent”

BTW: All my neighbors ask me to check out work they have done by these type of guys when it goes bad (and they expect me to do it for free :mrgreen: ) and want me to “do something” about it. I give them the name of a good lawyer I know. Most don’t follow through. They believe that they have been wronged and see no reason why they should have to pay more money to get these crooks prosecuted.

It’s a vicious circle, ain’t it?


BTW: Do you know the L-rd?

William your like 6’7". Simply put those guys are freakin idiots. You will never ever ever fix stupid.

Maybe I should sick my 19 year old, former Marine, daughter on them with her favorite AR-15 (She calls it “Sugar Plum”). :mrgreen:

But, hey, she answered the door to begin with.

Guess you can’t cure “young” either.


Oh wait did not read your post …just the title.(Just kidding buddy.)

Pretty simple you can just close the door immediately.
I know you and bet you started lecturing.

Had the guy running for Mayor stop at the door a few days ago and I let him have it …you know me .:slight_smile:

He stood his ground,I ended up outside with no coat for 30 minutes and he got my vote.
Hey either close the door right away or let them talk…two options.

Could always have fun with them but that is a third option.

Busy as heck right now and worked 20 of the 23 days so far.
Darn Obama…haha.
Home prices up 19% and sales up 36%

I just say I’m only renting the house and am moving state next month but thanks anyway. They always leave immediately…

Pretty simple, just say very calmly " I can’t make you leave but I can get someone who can" then take out your cell phone and start to dial either information 411 and ask for the police or the dial the police directly. They’ll be gone in a flash!

I’m seriously considering starting a drunken brawl with the next person that
stereotypes the Irish…just sayin…

I am not even Irish and thought it was not politically correct.

I would have grabbed the camera filmed them with my gun in my back pocket and told them to leave or that they were trespassing.

Hey, my paternal grandmother’s maiden name was McMahon. I was just using the commonly used term. Most of them are actually Eastern European.

No offense meant.

PC Hell. I hane always been euphemistically challanged.

I personally was not offended but could see others being so. Jut the times we live in. Everyone is a wuss that gets their feelings hurt.

there certainly was no offense taken partner…It gave me a good laugh…

Will, they are a reflection of the times- tough, tight, everybody looking for the cheap, and no one listens anyway.
How many houses have you inspected, told the buyers about fixing the gutters / downspouts that have already ruined the comp siding, then been next door a year later to see that nothing’s changed?
Like the Duke said, You can’t fix stupid!

I just say no thanks. No need for the drama. if they continually show up, ill get a little nastier each time…

I will join you in that brawl ! Tha duil againn falbh !