Question answered. Thanks

Question answered. Thanks

Are you in Ohio? If so, the inspector was probably duped by M. Parks and was told he wasn’t allowed to open the panel.


It likely does, did you call an electrician?

Do you have any pictures?

First Rita, welcome to our forum…enjoy! :smile:

Second, have you spoken with your inspector about this? It can encompass those items but without pictures and seeing the report no one can give you a definitive answer.

It sounds like they did.

Did you get a qualified electrician out to the house to assess the electrical?

They opened the panel and there are pictures of it… not in Ohio though.

Who is that?

Certified Home Inspector… I’m not listing the company on a public forum until this matter is resolved

Through Who?..
I’m not trying to be allusive, but I would like to know…OK?

You had more than one inspection done?

It doesn’t, necessarily mean he/she missed the scorching but because there were so many defects, he listed a few and referred it to a qualified electrician for further assessment and correction.

It is like a general practice doctor that hears some different sounds in your heart, he would then refer you to a cardiologist for further assessment.

And I would advise not to come here either.
Work it out with your inspector…Yep!

If the panel cover was removed & the melted/damaged wiring was obvious, it definitely should have been noted.

Can you post a picture?

This is the only picture I have right now

Yes, the recommendation covers this and depending on the inspector, it could have been called out as a dangerous condition,

I would tend to agree with you. Following the recommendation as given would result in this and other defects being identified and corrected.

It seems like you have your mind made up, Rita.

Neither can I, assuming it was visible, it should have been specifically addressed.

Generic statements about “have an electrician evaluate the entire system” aren’t very clear, or helpful. And a 4 point should have that defect listed as well.

Post some better photos for an accurate assessment.

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After reading all of this, I am glad I wasn’t the inspector.