Any problem with this trap?

Why don’t people measure twice and install once so we don’t get these goofy looking things? Anybody forsee any future problems with this trap?

i don’t realy see an issue. it looks funny because of the twist in the slip nut. but if you straitened it out, it’d look normal. so long as there is a vent in the system i see no issue.

I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like they used a san-T incorrectly (horiz to horiz). The p-trap should should feed into a long radius 90 or a combo fitting.

should, but not “has to” there is no correction needed in this case…unless of course the vent is horizontal as you said Paul. but it’s realy dark in the pic and impossible to be sure.

Ask yourself this question is it performing it’s intended function. If it is there is no problem there.
My two cents…

I agree if you fill both sinks up and then let the water out the sink on the right will drain first then the other with good pressure . It would have been nicer if the main drain with the claenout had a little more pitch to it , but still it should function OK

Looks like a Vent fitting Sani-T for Vertical use. Comby is correct fitting there. At least that what what it looks like. Comby radius was probably too long to make trap connection to sink etc… work.