Main beam in Basement

Was there ever a time this was allowed where you could not have a post under a joint in your main beam? I just see it too often and it kills me because it would have been the easiest thing to change when building the home!

That top plate of the wall you see was put in by a renter and not built to hold anything up.

Sorry for the bad pictures!

Not required for ‘built-up’ beams… assuming the beams are constructed properly… which that one is not… (see the half-assed nailing pattern, and not three ply’s minimum).
Are you sure that’s actually intended to be a beam? Can’t see enough detail in your pic’s.

This is the main beam in the middle of the basement running the entire length of the home. This is made up of 3 2x10’s but they have 2 outside joints at the same location! I also indicated to improper nailing pattern to the client.

The client is actually part owner of the home as his dad had it built and did some of the work himself and has since passed and is trying to buy out other family members.

Also… What kind of “space” is that? Garage, Crawl, Basement? Is it “conditioned space”? Curious about the insulation. Why would a wall in the middle of a basement need it?

Also the floor joist tails are too long and it looks like it is curling up

Or… are those the rafters for a flat roof, showing the pitch (or low slope), which would make that wall an exterior design wall explaining the insulation, but the Kraft paper should be on the warm side… so many questions…???

There were a lot of issues with this house as my report was 57 pages up from the average 25 to 35 they normally are! This is a walkout basement and all the insulation was installed wrong which is good because there was a huge mice problem and needs to throw away all the insulation and start with new. I pointed out to him right on the paper it clearly states this side the living space right on there!

I have never heard about the floor joist tails being too long is that an actual problem? Looks like it might be with how it is curling up but if it had been properly nailed to each other would have been ok?

Typically they’re cut off within 6" of the wall on both sides of the wall.
That’s how the joist tails would look if the joists were all crowned upside down or sagging in the middle!

I inspected a home and the owner was a 80-year-old woman who was present during the inspection. Her husband had died the week before after 3 years of Alzheimers and he had done a lot of work on the house that was really bad. I tried to be discrete in talking about the problems with the client, but by the time the inspection was over she was looking at me like she wanted to drench me in gasoline and set me on fire.

This clients dad was a Butcher soo I needed to tread lightly so I didn’t end up “hanging out” in a meat cooler?

YES he was! :D:D