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For all you guys that have Mothers or have made woman Mothers**:mrgreen:

  1. In Yugoslavia (now a bunch of countries) children would tie their Mothers up on Mothers day? T/F
  2. The ancient Romans (BC) celebrated the Mother Goddess Cybele. The party had plenty of food, alcohol and sex and lasted 3 days? T/F
  3. Elvis Presley used to sleep with his Mother until he reached puberty? T/F
  4. Mothers day was finally recognized after Woodrow Wilson (also known as Woody) got his babysitter pregnant, his wife insisted he recognize the importance of being a Mother? T/ F
  1. T
  2. F
  3. T
  4. F

F F T F happy Mother’s Day



I can’t believe no-one got it right yet.

F (blood ritual, not sex)

Any chance we can get these to be relevant to home inspections?


T t f t

T t t f


Brian got it. Congratulations Brian.

  1. True- Children in former Yugoslavia tied up their Moms and then let them free after a ransom paid in candy.

  2. True- A 3 day party was held by the ancient Romans to celebrate the Mother Goddess.

  3. True- Elvis slept with his Mother until puberty and they also talked a “baby” talk to each other that only they understood.

  4. False- “Woody” Wilson signed Mothers day and official holiday in 1914.

Sure, next weeks question will be relevant to building science.

As far as answers go I research and corroborate best I can. After I get 2 supporting documents I post my question.
Its an imperfect world and I spend enough time on this already. I am trying to have fun, not be a wizard.

Congrats Brian

Congratulations once again Brian. Nice job.

Nice job Paul and appreciate your research in putting these questions together.
There will always be some discontent with the relevant questions appropriate on Mothers Day.
Nothing in the program was said to dedicate to home inspections 100% of the time.

Inspecting is serious work.
Gotta have a little fun now and then.:wink:

And that it is. Thank You:)

I guess we should expect questions to descend into topics about the Kardashians and just when did Caitlyn Jenner first decide to pose nude…

If you consider questions pertaining to rumours of Elvis having an incestuous relationship with his mom topically relevant for Mother’s day, I’m concerned for you.

Never said incestuous. Elvis and his Mother were very close. Elvis was a Mamma’s boy and proud of it.

You on the other hand read that into it.
In my opinion I think your complaint goes too far.