FPL is responsibile for wires coming into a house, the mast attached to the roof would be the homeowners. What about a home with an underground source? The conduit where power comes into the house at ground level is rusted through. I believe that would be the homeowners responsibility, correct?


I would want to verify that. I think the utility owns the service lateral since the service point would probably be at the meter. No matter what, the utility will be involved since they control the transfomer connection. I imagine this stub up will get replaced with PVC

I looked at the FPL site and they own the service lateral and sweeps. The customer owns the riser at the meter can. The cost of the pipe is still trivial. It is the labor that will bite you. I would still run it past FPL before I did anything. Since this is their service lateral and they will need to be there anyway, they may just fix it for you.