Questions about using the NACHI agreement

I have viewed the pre-inspection agreement on the NACHI site and believe it meets our needs with some modification.
I have a few question about logistics if you would be so kind.

We are new to the website access so you will have to bear with us. Obviously the contract is THE most important document in a report.

  1. Do we make changes right on the agreement page and then save those

  2. Do we need to access the site to enter all info for any client who will
    be directed to the site by our website? I did see the link that we have to add to our website.

  3. I assume the e mail is the link when it is entered so clients will only
    go to the agreement that has there e mail.

  4. We currently enter individual amounts on our paper form for the various fees and then do a total. Would that info go in “NOTES” and that would be entered into the agreement when it is viewed.

  5. How do we get our signature on the agreement? What is the process for a client to sign the agreement. Would they print it out, sign it and then e mail to us with there signatures. That is a little fuzzy.

  6. Would we want to enable the Hold harmless clause for realtors?

Thanks for your help and understanding
paul lyman

Paul, I see you have an HIP site. Look up Mike Merino on the HIP message board and have him make up an agreement page for your site. If you want to do online agreements with your clients, then let them do it on your site so you get the traffic. He made a real nice webform for Russ Spriggs and it uses an online signature.

If you have general liability insurance, forget the hold harmless agreement. Your policy should cover the agent also. My attorney told me to avoidit anyway unless pressed and then pressed real hard.

You will find after hanging out here for awhile, agent recommendations aren’t really what you want anyway. Brokers like the hold harmless for a preferred status over another guy, but if you get client referrals, the broker has no hammer over your head.

I hope that helps,


You create ONE agreement template that you use for all your clients, and then customize each agreement using the notes section. If you make a change to your agreement, that change is made for all unsigned agreements.

Yes, you have to create a new agreement for each client.

Yes, the link is specific to each client. Either let our system send the email for you or send your client the link personally.

Yes, you can put that in the notes section (as well as the field meant for the fee total). Any customizations should go in the “Notes” field.

The client signs the agreement electronically—no need to waste any trees!