Questions for Bill Mullen

Bill you promised in January 2008 to publish the 500 names from the National Certification . …Thanks Cookie

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*Whistler was great and it produced a foundation for the PDI program that is once again ongoing.

As far as the list, you will soon see the full list of about 500 National Certificate Holders displayed nationally (not only by CAHPI and the NCA) and it’s comforting to see that your name will be missing.

Bill Mullen*

Bill we are still waiting for this from Feb 2007.
Thanks Bill ,can we have the following post from 11 months ago first
Feb 22 ,2007…

All I can say is that it is big, and I consider it to be good (actually great) because it suits my goals and hopes for this industry in Canada.

I can’t say anything more because there are some on this forum who will always distort anything that I say. Because of their spiteful agendas everyone will just have to wait and watch.

Roy, Ray and Lucky George will no doubt claim to have some inside information about it, but believe me, they have no idea what this is about. Everyone involved has been sworn to secrecy because of the damage that could be done if this gets into the wrong hands prematurely (no names of course).

The only hint I’ll give is that it was my idea and it’s something I’ve personally been working very hard on for a couple of months behind the scenes and it includes the federal government and three associations.

Bill Mullen

[size=3]Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon[/size]

Bill we are still waiting to see you fulfill your promise to have your website show the NACHI name on it. Thanks …Cookie


Now that the Wand/Farsetta/Cooke debacle has cooled down, you are determined to cause more problems. I refuse to play your game and will not respond to any more of your posts which are intended to do nothing but cause trouble.

I think it would make sense for us to not correspond at all in the interest of maintaining peace and decorum.

The bottom line, Roy, is that last week you showed your true colours to everyone and your credibility is less than zero.

Leave me alone !!!

Bill Mullen

3/14/08, 10:19 PM bmullen This message has been deleted by bmullen. Reason: Not interested in joining another mud-fest started by Roy Cooke.

Thats to bad Bill these are Questions you said you where going to give us the answer too.
You also promised more then once to put NACHI on you web site .
You are just running a little slow with you replies to bad as you keep telling use you always give out lots of information .
Now would be a great time to start and live up to your word.


I don’t answer to you, Roy. Besides, those old, dusty questions have been asked and answered at least three times before. As usual, you are baiting me and others just to cause trouble. Have you not noticed that everyone can see through your nonsense? You and Mr. Wand have caused iNACHI and its members an awful lot of trouble both within the organization and in the public eye.

These people gave you another chance last week. Don’t ruin it.

Knock it off right now.

Bill Mullen

Thanks very much for your advice and as per usual not much information.
Bill at least I have never run with and against .
I have been a strong supporter of NACHI since 2003.
You have said so many nasty things about NACHI and its members it is far from nice.
I know the only reason you are trying to look like a good guy is to try and put some life into the Complete CAHPI controlled National Certification .
You need NCA members so CAHPI can survive .
Double talk all you wish but you stopped Ridiculing NACHI ,CMI , and their members to try and get more to come to the National Certification.
we all know Bill if you had of answered these questions you would have directed us to the answers.
You might fool some Bill but you are along way from fooling many.
All the best Bill, Hope every things works out Great for Carol we all need our partner all the time.

Bill we are still waiting to see you fulfill your promise to have your website show the NACHI name on it.


Bill Why don’t you tell us all about your ability to lie through your teeth, not once but on a continual basis? I don’t take orders from you and you are in no order to give them! So take a hike you cum wad (to quote your vocabulary)

Bill You know; you should quit while you are ahead!


20 hours and 125 people have looked to get Bills answers.
So sad he does not come out and tell us some answers.
He tries to say I am difficult.
He is the person who does not reply with information.
He is the guy who still does not have NACHI on his web site .
Others when shown their errors quickly apologize and correct them.
I expect bill will attack again trying to cover up his short Cummings.

Well Bill you have at least one Friend???
But he too is just like you gives no information.
Gee Bill it is a shame to have a coward for a Buddy.

Questions for Bill Mullen 3/15/08 4:24 PM You and Ray are pathetic, not Bill


Under the Canadian Members Only section there was a thread Clearing the Air that Bill and Claude answered many questions and gave guidence. You should be able review this thread. Unfortunately, Ray won’t be able to at this point in time. Just not sure if you had seen that thread or not.

Thanks Allan
It is so unfortunate Bill has evaded so many questions over the years.
Instead of attacking it would be so simple for him to give the information or give the web site where the information is.
I expect most if not all of the answers will not be there.
Putting this information where only NACHI members can read it tends to confirm in my mind who he is trying to get into the NCA.
To me the best place to have this type of information is in the NACHI open section where all affiliated and non affiliated Canadian home inspectors can see it and ask their own questions and give their thoughts.
I was very enthused when this was first offered and Living in Brighton where the CAHPI secretary lived was the first one to get my application in.
When I and others could not get much information about the National Certification I started to have doubts.
Asking may questions and gathering information from many places I decided it is just as useless as the whistler Conference was and extremely expensive for lousy returns.
I am convinced it is just a sham for CAHPI to get more members .
Having been a member I saw how little they do for their members .
OAHI/CAHPI has in almost 20 years still only has about 200 RHIs.
Their prime goal to me has been get students sell the classes to them make money for the Director,teachers and not allow many to reach the RHI level.

Cookie…ex OAHI …RHI

Found this old post but it is just as true today.

The best thing going for the Home Inspection industry is communication from the home inspectors them selves .
Unfortunately not enough do it .
We have many closed BB and these just tend to be used by a select few .

We are fortunate to have the NACHI site and it being mainly open and few restrictions much thoughts and information is freely given .
some posts tend to irritate , but it does tend to bring out many thoughts some not so good and some making us look in different directions.
The education for all Home Inspectors is second to none far superior then any other BB .
I guess this is why so many come to visit and ask questions .
( Example from one of my posts I received an email a few minutes from a Home Owner in Washington State for some information) .
I am sure many others do to , I received 3 this week .
I do know Nick gets lots from his posts.

Some in Canada are telling NACHI members how great the National Certification is .
They have also been saying how the Certified Master Inspector is not near as valuable.
Well I am an CMI and on my way to having the best year ever and I charge $399;00 plus .
We have a NCA who has been in business 15 years;
longer then any other inspector in our area
His price on latest flier is $325;00 and he has a coupon that gives $75;00 reduction.
This comes to $250;00 for a home inspection.
He also gives a free wett inspection ( others charge $125;00).
Does that mean his home inspection is worth $125;00.
Gee I guess he is charging what he feels he is worth.
It is obvious he plays to the Real estate agents as he has a survey asking them to fill out and is offering a expensive digital camera as a prize for filling in the survey.


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Unfortunately Bill still does not have NACHI on his web site …

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]



Are you three years old? Have you nothing better to do than try to find fault with other people? You shamed yourself and NACHI very badly during the past few weeks so why do you want to do it all over again?

For your information, the NACHI logo is clear as a bell on my new site. You are showing people my old site over which I no longer have any control.

Tell you what…you change the lies on your own website and I’ll give you the URL for my new site.

Until then, bugger off !!!

Bill Mullen