R U a manufacturer or do you know one?

Any of you people out there manufacture things?

I am looking to expand the things I sell online and wish to be a distribute to whatever you make. Shoot me an email to mike@meekerindustries.com Please if you know any manufacturers please send me their info or send them mine. thanks in advance.

I am currently specializing in electronics but anything with a decent profit margin I would be interested in.

Service to the client will be the most important thing and items should be able to be shipped to client in 1 to 3 days 3 being the max.

Here is an example of some of the things I am currently selling. I will consider any product as long as there is a good buck to be made and you will ship SUPER QUICK. http://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html?ie=UTF8&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=AM37TGK61XTT8

Tried your link, it just shows things I might be interested in based on my browsing history, don’t see your items? I was just wanting to see what you have to sell.

Thanks for letting me know. I am new to it.
I’ll see if I can figure it out.

Search meeker industries then pick a magnum product. Click on where it says “10 new from $xx.xx”. You should be able to see me on top of the list. Then click sellers other items if it appears. Not sure if it will or not. My first line of stuff is from Magnum and is power inverters ans d such. I am offering the best price around amazon but will hookup any inter nachi member on anything I have. If you figure out how to post a link please do. I am a new professional seller so amazon tries to take care of their tried and true first but my prices CANNOT be beat. I can likely beat anything you see from me there BY 10%

I currently have around 82 items but plan on expanding greatly. It may beat the hell out of crawling attics in these hellish Florida Summers. I’ll then spread the wind mit love to those looking for some time slot filler work :slight_smile:

Damn you Mike. You can’t go throwing those softballs and not expect someone to have some fun with you… :wink: Good luck. I used to import stuff directly from China manufacturers. www.globalsources.com

I can see the listing now… Thingies for sale. Unknown use. :mrgreen:

Funny thing is…As soon as I saw your name I thought oH no…

Just another hustle in my game :slight_smile:

It takes a ton of time as you likely know just to get 1 thing rolling on amazon let alone 80 something.

I plan on running this like everything else I do, giving the customer the best service that I can for what they are willing to pay.

I can say with pride I have a 100% score right now even though the guy has not YET left a review he swears he will.

He ordered based on price alone and then saw I just launched and about po pooed himself with worry.
He looked up my company and only saw inspecting and contracting and was worried.

He called and left a message and i called him as soon as I reached the office to put his mind at ease.

I also followed up and he said he got the product a day earlier than he expected and all was good and he was happy. :slight_smile:

I plan on listing anything I can that I can ship within 1 to 3 days and provide excellent service as long as there is a decent profit to be made.

I do list things without a decent profit or at break even to take care of the folks who sell me things at a good price instead of just selling the high markup stuff I offer whatever they have.

Today I spent 1/2 the day listing crap I would not bother with just so I could offer magnums full line I have been offered.

I tell you with my 3 monitor set up and pandora it is not to bad of a way to spend a hellish Florida summer day. Now i just have to get my 2nd sale :slight_smile:

Seriously though anyone who knows anyone with something to sell that can ship within 3 days max i’ll list your stuff if i can make a few bucks.

My word is my life and I will always pay the supplier the second" well almost" I receive payment.

I am also interested in any other places any of you might sell besides amazon and your own sites as I plan to explore ALL available options.

If things work out at least this is something I can do into old age or until our Government screws me yet again by making sales tax mandatory or something.

By the way if anyone knows how to link my entire catalog please let me know and remember anything you see on Amazon I can Likely knock 10% off for InterNACHI members as long as it is not nickle and dime crap.

Wohoo another sale on amazon. Let me know if you have stuff or you know someone that does and I’ll start moving it :slight_smile:

Why would someone pay a middleman when they can list it on EBay or Amazon themselves ?

Mike why don’t you just go look at China products with direct shipping [drop shipping ?] and push what you think will sell.
I mean coming on a HI forum to get rich ? really ?.

Just another hustle. I ALWAYS offer mutually beneficial opportunities with folks I can deal wth.

I am not looking to get rich on this. Just looking for folks who know my reputation for honesty that have things they distribute that they want to sell to me wholesale.

I know many home inspectors wear many hats.

The Middle man as you call it is not as easy as one seems. I normally make around 150 to 200 per hr and this is no where near those numbers YET BUT i figure the more stuff in my catalog the better.

I am not looking for any hand outs just looking for future partners that have stuff they are trying to move in bulk.

I would be a fool to at least not ask as you never know unless you ask.

I may be the black sheep around here but there is not anyone here that can call me dishonest or that I am not looking for a square deal for all involved. If I do not think all involved would be happy I simply do not get involved.

Now a days you need to get as many different games going as possible to be succesful in my opinion so when one gig slows you have a few to back you up.

The whole reason I named my company Meeker Industries 25+ years ago was because I figured I never knew what type of industries I would be involved with and it would cover all the bases.

One thing is for sure and CAN NEVER BE DENIED. I shoot straight and do what I say and never attempt to screw anyone.

Not many can say that in this world. You will never find an honest person to disagree with that.

Word to the wise always look into any opportunities as long as they are legal and do not jeopardize you way to make a living and to support you families.

Good luck Michael. Don’t listen to the naysayers.

NEVER…Although I have listened to Bob a bunch on other things :slight_smile:

I am just putting out another opportunity to anyone out there that might want to take advantage of my offer.

The more streams of income one has the more secure they become financially. That is NOT debatable. Boy if I had diversified in my 30’s instead of keeping all my eggs in the construction basket my life would be much, much better than it currently is.

Live and learn and with me it is usually the hard way :frowning:

I can only HOPE my Daughter grows up smarter than I and learns from my mistakes.

Come on none of you out there are selling anything.

Anything I have listed online I’ll do better for InterNACHI members.

I have almost 100 items currently listed and should pick up a couple more lines in the next few weeks. Once I get a virtual store I’ll make an official deal and ask Nick to list it as a benefit to all members.

I hear McDonalds is hiring.

Good, I am glad for you. Maybe you will get the brake you have been looking for :slight_smile: