Radient Heat

Radiant Heat and another chapter in What Insurance companies do not want.
Did a pristine Home 40 years old Lady has lived there all the time .
Has radiant ceiling heat and the purchasers are having trouble getting Insurance.
I went to local broker and they will no longer give insurance to homes that have radiant ceiling heat .

The companies they are most concerned about are
Safe-t-flex MK4 or MK5 22 watts.
.Flex watt- 20 watts or more
.Aztec Flexel Scotland 22 watts
.Thermo-Scotland 22 Watts

We need to have the insurance companies taken over by Government .

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Anyone who has tried/succeeded in getting financial aid for college, been on welfare(medicaid, medicare, etc.), or been in a DMV would see the humor in your statement.


I guess some things are different in The USA then Canada.
It is those out side of Canada who think our medical is poor.
It I do not think any Canadians would like to see it stopped.
I have had no experience with any of the other things .
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First I thought the government had a tight control over the media in Canada. :wink:

Second, I forgot to point out America’s successful take over of insurance coverage. Flood Insurance. I’m sure anyone who has dealt with them realize the get service for the price they pay.

Point is, becareful of what you wish for.

As for ceiling radiant heating, is this fluid or resistive? Basically, why?


Better still why will some insurers insure 60 amp and knob and tube, yet others will not? They demand upgrades or refuse coverage yet the insurers seem to be resistant to prove that there is higher risk with these systems. The facts are that there is no higher evidence of fire with 60 amp or knob and tube to my knowledge.

Our local paper publishes a section on Fire Calls for the week. Scanning that column indicates that the fire dept. is called out more for accidents, medical responses, CO alarms, smoke alarms, then they are for house fires.

The fire dept. doesn’t state what the house fires were a result of. My guess is careless smoking, candles, cooking fires … hmmmm

I believe the major source of house fires is cooking #1, then electrical #2.

So insurance companies might not insure homes with kitchens soon. :wink:


They will not give insurance to homes in Canada if you put in sprinklers.
I think this could change as the fire Chiefs are getting to gether to apply preasure on Insurance companies .
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…Gee first time I ever heard that . I have four US friends who have canadain Satilite dishes so they can get true News ( their statements ).

They must be democrats as that is the only group who could possibly rely on Canadian news media for an unbiased report on anything!

Some tweaks in the regulation of insurance companies maybe. Government should only run those things which we absolutely need. Insurance is nice to have but we don’t need it as much as we think we do. I think one the polls on this board regarding E&O showed that only 45% of inspectors carried insurance.

If enough people put them in to create a market demand for homes insured with sprinklers, you would very soon see insurance companies wanting to write policies to fill that market.

As many know, “risk” plays only a small part in the formulation insurance company policies. $ however play pretty much the entire part.