Radon Concepts General Discussion

I am looking for an opportunity to discuss some general concepts about Radon to better understand some of the underdeveloped ideas presented in the two available training courses. I am planning to take the national license exam soon and would like to be able to gain a little more confidence in the concepts prior to taking the exam.

I am located in Colorado, although I know that does not matter for the most part other than for perhaps some specific licensing items for Colorado. I would love to have direct communication with an experienced Radon Services provider who is willing to contribute to my preparation and help fill in the blanks for understanding that I have as of yet.

I can be reached at either of the following.
Nathan Wofford CMI

I don’t know what discussion on “general concepts” will help you, but I’ll tell you that the NACHI course is weak on radon math and the test I took, had something like 8 math questions. So, do some research into the formulas involving radon measurements. It is all BS for the measurement analysis license, but that is the way the NRPP rolls.


This is the type of information I am looking for. I am hoping to get a full sense of what the national exam is including. It is much better to prepare fully then schedule the exam rather than take it to experience it once and find out I am under prepared and have added expense as well as a mandatory waiting period to retake the exam.

Consider this strategy: I took a two day in person measurement class with a proctored exam on the third day. It was intense. I had to travel and stay in a motel, but I was done in three days. The instructors were very professional and helpful, and they even offered us access to a set of flash cards on Quizlet. I put in the effort and was well prepared. I took the NRSB test and passed.


That sounds like excellent advice. That was essentially my experience with getting training as an state building asbestos inspector. I will search for local training options.