Radon CRM - Radalink vs Sun 1028

Any suggestions/recommendations appreciated. New to radon testing (will have license in a few weeks in RI).
Radon CRM monitors - looking at Radalink, radstar and Sun 1028 with the cellular upgrade.

Like the idea of cellular connectivity of the Sun 1027 but not sure its necessary/works.

Heard a lot of good things about Radstar - but no cellular connectivity, bluetooth only. Also integrates with ISN.

Any suggestions/comments appreciated.

Also looking at the Breeze monitor from Inspector lab with cellular connectivity.

I run airthings. I really like the reports, the app is easy enough to use. I have no experience with the others listed.

I have used Radalink for several years. They provide your customer and realtor with a great report including graphs of the duration of the test, very easy to read. Their customer service is top notch in the case that you do need support from time to time. I have not tried the other options that you mentioned.

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I have used Run Radon products for 6 years. I have had really good experience with their monitors. They are durable and accurate. Menu driven or can communicate with mobile device via bluetooth. www.RedDogRadon.com Renting Sun Radon 1028XP. Great way to try out the product and very effective ROI versus purchasing units. I would be happy to answer any questions.