Radon Discharge

I know this discharge pipe should be above the roof or has something change. There are no windows nearby. 12 foot off ground.

Technically its wrong. However, no windows, no soffit vent, no access for the gas to re-enter the house. I’d tell my clients about it, but wouldn’t make an issue of it. If it were my house, I would prefer this over cutting a hole through my roof.

Thanks! I did.

EPA specs are 2’ above any windows within 10’ (around corner too) AND above roof. The 10’ above grade part has been met…

The above the roof part is for condensation/moisture accumulating on eave/soffit.


It should extend above the roofline, and higher than any obstacle within a 5’ radius. If I weren’t a radon mitigation technician, i’d defer it to a licensed mitigation contractor. But you’re right, it’s wrong.