Radon mitigation pipe too short.

I recently had a question about a radon mitigation system that terminates below the roof line. It doesn’t have a 90 degree elbow and it’s right next to the attic vent. The response to my client from the seller was the pipe is above the eave. It does not need to be above the roof line and water entering the system through the open pipe is acceptable because moisture is supposed to be directed back under the slab.
My response was what!! Condensation yes, but rain water NO!!!
that’s the first time I’ve heard that.

Does anyone have any comments!! Please let me know what you think.

Thank you,
Scott Ferguson
For Your Investment LLC

It needs to go above the roof.

Is that a general guideline, or an EPA regulation. What do you think about the lack of an elbow?

Scott Ferguson
ForYourInvestment LLC

Here are the current PA mitigation standards that the DEP set:


See 14.2.6

Edit: I agree with Juan, last I heard it has to terminate above the roof line. see 14.2.8