Radon Monitor Help

I’m looking for some advice from you seasoned guys.

I have a 3 month old business that I am now adding Radon to. I’m thinking about purchasing the Canary Digital Radon Monitor for my business.

I am wondering if anyone knows if this device is accepted by NRPP or not. If not, what is a good device to purchase? I’m hoping to provide on-site readings instead of sending packages to a laboratory and waiting for results.

Thanks for the help.

Rick Herrmann
Partner’s Inspection, llc

That is not an approved monitor.

Rick–I’d start out with the canisters if you can’t afford a professional monitor such as RadStar or Sun Nuclear. Don’t use anything but a professional monitor. You don’t need anyone questioning the results. Check around your area for local labs. We have a water testing lab here that also does airborne Radon, provides results the next day. I used them until I could afford radon monitors, still use them for well water testing and for radon upon occasion when both my monitors are out.

Thanks for the help guys.


Rick, Rent a radstar rs800. One job pays for the $100 per month rental. Once you have done 20 radon tests, buy a radstar rs300 and keep the rental. This is how I approached things. I now have 12 rs300’s and a rs800. All in just 3 years on this plan.


Buy the camera stands as well. You will be off and running before you know it. Use the canisters only when you have long retrievals. But if you are not doing high volume yet, you will have plenty of time to pick units up. Little radon testing secret, No one likes canisters. And price the service to sell. You want people to buy the service. Don’t over price it. You can always go up.