Radon monitor

I am getting ready to start studying for the Radon Measurement course and I am looking down the road at purchasing the Radon detector. I saw this one:

I looked around on the 'net and couldn’t find out if it qualifies for real estate… I was bummed that the really hip looking and much cheaper Corentium 223 didn’t make the grade. Anyone know about the DT-9501 ? Thanks

That’s more of an immediate-use geiger counter. You’ll need a CRM (continuous radon monitor) to do 48-hour testing. Most people like Sun Nuclear or Radstar monitors. They’re about $900, but there are lease options that can make sense. You can also do charcoal canisters and either mail them or use a local lab.

Take the courses. You’ll learn what is acceptable to use.

The EPA has a list of approved monitors. Check that out.

I use the Corentium as a hidden backup on many of my tests. Very stable and accurate when tested side by side by my two 1027’s and an Alpha 2.

The EPA closed its proficiency program in 1998, there is no current EPA list of “approved” devices. They defer to each state regarding what devices are approved.

Did not know that.
I believe the Corentium deserves a review as it has proven reliable in my testing (unscientific.)

Regardless of that I know of no state list of devices for Minnesota but when they start licensing for radon I’m guessing we’ll have a list.

$300 for classes, $175 for the exam and $300 for the license. Add 12 hours CE every year and now its kinda expensive to be a radon tester.

Testing will go from $150 to $300 overnight.

Good luck getting that.

What’s going to happen in MN is the mitigators will do it much cheaper to feed their businesses.

The only place I know of that has some sort of list of “approved” radon test devices is NRPP. They are not a governmental agency, they are simply a non profit group with members that do radon testing.

I believe Corentium is working with them in regard to being approved by them.

Maryland has no state radon protocols at all except I think Montogomery County.

I agree, and maybe that’s better although I doubt it.

Getting started, and doing a lot of tests, such for as a school or a building, requires many CRM’s, and that runs into a lot of money.

I have been using Air-Chek kits for years. Use two per radon test. Check out www.radon.com Use the red ones for RE testing. Many HI’s are going to these, and it inhibits theft, calibration expenses, false readings, failed electronics, etc.

www.nachi.org/radalink They pay your InterNACHI dues.

I agree, and I do quite a few tests nowadays, over 50 tests per week, sometimes well over…:slight_smile: