Radon online courses and exams

I have a few questions related to getting my Radon certs. I understand that I can take interNchi’s free online Advanced Radon Measurement course:


and then take a proctored test at a PSI exam location (not required for Missouri but it is for the state of Kansas, which is 10 miles away). The next step is the Mitigation portion where it gets a little murky for me. Here are my questions:

  1. Is the necessary study prep info for the Radon Mitigation also on the afore mentioned free online course?
  2. If not, would I have to pay for a stand alone Mitigation online course?
  3. I understand there is a ~one day long hands on course. How is that handled if I am able to take the free online interNACHI course?

Thanks again.

Our free, online radon course covers mitigation. Read outline: https://www.nachi.org/radon-measurement-service-provider-online-course.htm

Thank you for that but what about the first part of question 3?

“3. I understand there is a ~one day long hands on course.”

That part can’t be handled by an online course.

As with many other new board participants, you need to insert what state you reside. Answering any question will depend upon that, and the laws in your state.

Gary, I live in the KC metro area so I will need to take the Kansas Radon certifications. I have learned through talking to someone that helps run the certification testing at AARST-NRPP that the Mitigation test (Certi-2 through PSI) can NOT be taken after doing the interNACHI online course. That’s likely because there is a hands on portion that needs to be also successfully completed.

However, I am still not 100% sure that I will be allowed to take the Radon Monitoring test (Certi-1) after studying the interNACHI online course or if allowed to take the proctored test, that my passing test results would be accepted by the Kansas Radon program. I am waiting on phone calls back from a couple of the agencies.

I would love to hear your experiences since I see you also live in the KC area and have the Kansas Radon certification.

Thank you,

Ok, I got a hold of the KDHE folks and they told me that they told me that they would accept the Radon Measurement course as offered by interNACHI and I will, of course also have to pass the PSI proctored Cert-1 test and submit a QA plan for their review as well. The Radon Mitigation portion coursework will not however, be free! Oh well, I saved about $350.

Thank you interNACHi!