Radon system through garage

I recently had a Radon Mitigation system installed in my home. The tube goes from the basement floor through the wall into the garage, through the garage attic and then out through the roof. A Realtor friend (yes I have Realtor friends) told me that a system can not go through the garage because of code. Now I don’t always believe what Realtors say but I’m curious if anyone has heard of this.


The only concern I can think of is compromising of the garage firewall system.

Here is a video of a system through a garage. I believe it is a common way of doing it.

Radon fire stop for garage penetrations.


And from one of my inspections shown in use.

It’s perfectly acceptable and one of the recommended installation locations in regards to the radon system itself. Local building codes may differ, but I’ve not heard of that. The fan should be located either on the exterior, in the attic, or in the garage, but NOT inside the home. I’d call your local code inspector and ask him/her directly. I think you’ll find an opportunity to re-educate your realtor friend.

There is a fire stop located at the basement penetration and the attic. I think the Realtor was only 1/2 informed.

We do it that way all the time here. But local codes rule.