Radon Testing for 70 Unit Complex??

Before I call this fella back, I wanna get my ducks in a row.

He’s requesting radon testing on a 70 unit complex. I have 4 monitors. I was thinking of suggesting that he just have 4 random areas tested to see if any fail which might possibly indicate the need for more testing.

I’ve never had a request like this. How would you respond to someone inquiring about needing radon testing on 70 units??

How many units are at ground level or better yet underground?

Billy, I’m not sure. This was the message I got from my secretary:

“Brandon, Reed needs a radon only test for a 70 unit complex. I wasn’t sure how you would sched that and if that is something we can do.”

I don’t know all the details but I was wanting to know what kinda options are usually suggested for the possible circumstances?

Any advice for what info I have would be appreciated…

Find out how many. If these units test above the recommend level per the EPA then you can rest assure the one’s above them will get some sort of reading as well.

get some canisters and give him a volume discount.

Depends on the number of floors. You test each floor, but not every unit. Floors get staggard testing. If they are all on slab, it is every other one. Call Shawn at Air-Chek. He can help you.

Without knowing how the units are set up, fiqure 40 units of testing. This is why kits are way better, easier, than electronic monitors.

I agree with Gary. Also yes Sean is awesome, I speak to him everytig I get into a strange testing issue. great guy.