Radon Testing

I was looking into getting radon testing. Does the NACHI radon course prepare a person to take the radon certification test? Is there licensing requirements in Missouri for radon testing?

No and No.

Erik, would you please go to the control panel and tell us where you are located?


He’s located in Springfield MO.


If you take the course here at NACHI and pass it you’ll be certified under IAC2. There is no requirements in MO as a home inspector or as a Radon provider. Radon is pretty straight forward. The EPA lays it all out for you. I highly recommend becoming certified under what Mark is as well. Can’t think of the national certification program name right now maybe Mark will clue you in.

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Illinois does have a certification, correct? it the radon course accepted here? New to InterNACHI and have been browsing all the great opportunities.