radon testing equipment

Does anyone use radalink equipment? What is your experience with it? How much are you charging? Any info would be helpful. Thanks Tim.

I used to. They are excellent and have an excellent service. Especially if you are required by state law to keep all the records (they do it for you.)

The cost for me became prohibitive. Even though I charged 100-125 for an inspection I still had to pay radalink a cut. Since there are no state laws dictating the record keeping in my state, I decided it would be more cost effective for me to purchase my own machines and do the reports myself. I charge the same amount I did, and I paid for two machines in about 6 months worth of overhead savings alone. If the laws change in Missouri, I will probably go back to them, but raise my rates 25 a test.

I also used them for many years and have nothing bad to say about them. If the price was a little cheaper, I still would be using them.

They do almost everything for you but set and pick up the machine. They use to charge $75 a month and $23 per test.

If you go with them, you might want to buy a radon machine and do everything yourself in the future but I think you will have good things to say about Radalink even at that point.

Note: They have the best radon machine compared to what most home inspectors use.

Radalink does a great job although a little costly. I charge 139 to 159 with the home inspection, depending on location. $175 for a stand alone test.

I use Radalink and think they ROCK. Sure they cost more, but florida is strick on its Record keeping…Gale MELVIN is STRICT! They have Air Cats where use wifi for uploading the information and it is awesome. I use them now and will continue to use them. Sure they cost a bit more, but for me…and Florida regs I wouldn’t use another company. I can get the results within 5 minutes of uploading.

  • I am going to call them soon, but do they charge anything upfront for equipment*

So is the Rad Star 300 the best alternative machine?

If you choose the RadStar brand the RS800 is better, more features.