radon testing

I’m planning on using pro-labs radon gas detectors in a future inspection, does anyone know where you can buy a tamper proof boxes?

I’ve already seen the nachi post on the home made boxes, I was hoping to get some other ideas from the board to see what everyone is using in this situation.




Unless you are currently Licensed by the PA DEP, you should not be offering Radon related services within the Commonwealth.


I have to thank you…the guy from pro-lab lied right to my face when I asked him if I needed to be certified to “test” for Radon. Anything to make a sale…huh…Thanks again Joe.

Joe’s post seems to indicate one needs to be licensed not *certified. :wink: *

I see says the blind man…to his deaf son !

So technically I guess the guy wasn’t wrong, but you would think he’d mention something like that instead of selling the canisters to a “newbie”


Yes, I agree with you. It seems like the sale was of the utmost importance for him. I am cautious of working with people like that. I also like learning the more accurate lingo to use. :wink:

Pennsylvania finds the terminology of “Certified” and “Licensed” to be interchangeable in many circumstances.

in VA you only need be apart of NRPP or NRSB to be able to do Radon Testing.

In PA, You are required to be Licensed / Certified under the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. PA DEP has been cracking down and pursuing Violators of the Licensing Standard.

From the PA DEP Website…




ahhh…gotcha my brother…yeah…VA is lax on anything anyway so figured it was only VA thing…lol


There were many Inspectors in PA that believed the PA DEP only had power over those that were currently Licensed.

They were sadly mistaken when they learned that they were under investigation and could be facing Charges of Consumer Fraud.

There are costs involved in Training, Licensing, CEU, E&O, periodic Calibration, etc…

It is a Cost of doing Business.

Gotcha Joseph…however if you ask me…too much governmental regulation brings the MAN down…:wink:

Next thing you know I will need a permit to “PEE” in public…