Radon in PA

OK, so you need to be certified in PA just to put out Prolabs Radon canisters for testing?

Has anyone done this and gotten a letter from DEP about a fine, I have. Let me know how you made out.
Tom Pszczolkowski

I would say if you need to be certified and placed canisters you are not following your state regulations and need to do so before performing anymore radon tests.

You have also violated Nachi Code of Ethics…

1.10. The InterNACHI member shall comply with all government rules and licensing requirements of the jurisdiction where he/she conducts business.

Jeff…you think I did this on purpose???


What was the fine?

Actually, no.
But I do suspect that there are many, generally speaking, that do, until they get caught.
It was more of a statement for all the ‘newer’ inspectors that we all need to inquire about the laws that may govern any and all activities that we perform. Especially in states that are not licensed. Many states without licensing for Home Inspections, do have regulations in place for such things as Radon and Mold. And just because last year there may not have been, don’t assume that this year is the same. New regulations get adopted all the time with little to no fanfare.
Sorry I wasn’t more clear.

Florida regulates radon, a few years ago I sent the DOH a list of over 100 inspectors in Florida performing radon test and were not certified. They did nothing - if you are certified they bug you- monthly reports, proper wording on your website etc.
We probably are still one of the top Certified Radon Businesses (numbers and quality) in Florida but we concentrated our efforts to other IAQ issues. We are down to about 15 to 20 radon test per week for real estate – let the home inspector have radon testing, to much hassle.

Use pro lab and do what you want.
The public will find the professional eventually.

We are up to 4 inspectors now and will be hiring two trainees within a month or so.

You must be PA State Licensed and Certified to conduct a Radon Testing / Mitigation Business in Pennsylvania.

The greatest fine that I am aware of to date is in excess of $40,000 for fraudulent business activity (operating without proper license)

Consider yourself lucky if your fine is below that level…