I understand Radon, where it comes from, how to mitigate, etc.
Question: In a Condo setting, say 3rd floor unit, Are the Buyers throwing their money away to have a unit tested ? Does anyone ever get positive results in upper floors, and the remote chance you do, how’s that going to work to mitigate a first floor unit ? I get out of State people every once in a while wanting this…

I have obtained high readings on the 20th Floor from stack effect. If the client wants the client gets. Simple as that. Greg many want peace of mind and I supply that to them.

Think of it this way, you talk them out of it and say its a waste of money and when the go to sell, the new buyer has it tested at its 8.8 pCi. Can you be held liable?

The put in an active system and infiltrate fresh air into the house to dilute the Radon levels…go through an exterior wall.

THANKS Russell, you received my msg today. Yeah, I don’t ever talk any Customer out of doing what is requested. In fact, I do quite the opposite. If it is something I don’t perform, I sure pass the info on to one in my referral base.
THanks again.

Radon in water, Radon from Granite countertops, Radon from fresh air ventilation shafts, Radon from stack effect as Russell stated. There are more reasons to test than not to test.