Ragged Random Slate, for Kenton

I did get a few pix the other day of one Ragged Random Slate Roof. RRSR, I quess. It’s been some time since I was on one and pulled off for storm damage claims over a year ago. I’ll be working on the rear of this house and shold get some more pix. Hopefully, I’ll start the other one some time this year!

Well, I might have an issue. The file sizes were small, so I’ll have to take more pix. Anybody that wants these, feel free to DL and save them. Please give me credit when using. I’ll be deleting all my files uploaded here when I get higher res pix for you.

Cool pics, Frank. Thanks for sharing.


Crazy slate Frank.
Thanks for sharing. Never seen that before. :slight_smile:

Frank are you a home inspector?

No, not exactly. Been trained for it? No.
Been around the business long enough that I can spot the obvious things for my realtors and others I work in close association with? Yes. I get many calls from them.
I’m just a poor roofer that’s dedicated to finding and fixing leaks and keeping homes dry for my clients.

Thinking of hiring me?:slight_smile:

Ha. Maybe. I’m actually trying to get an RNACHI charter going and I saw you were from Richmond.

Aah! You’re familiar with this slate pattern then. Give me a call sometime if you want. I primarily work Ginter Park, Windsor Farms, The Fan, etc.

I’ve seen that drivin around but I have never inspected a house with a slate roof. I am only in my first year. If I get a house that has a slate roof I will call you to come out during the inspection.

Here’s a peek at the inside of a Ragged Random.

A bit of fun at a gutter end today. Somebody cut the slate back to the wood install the gutter. Owner didn’t want changed or replaced. I had other storm damage to repair in the area anyway, so modifed the roof to fit.

To start with, I wrapped the wood on the end so when the gutter plugs up, it can’t overflow into the soffit. The new wood was wrapped, as were the slate.

Then I bibbed the gutter end with lead.
How they lay in the field.
The finished area. I even tossed in a 9x 26" slate to add more character just to the left.

This should help show that it’s roofing 101, sidelap and heahlap are the rulers.

Wow! Great one Frank, thank you. We’re just about to finish up the slate video, I’ll see if we can slip it in still. f so, we’ll credit you.

These things come in spurts. Here are some pix I took today on a historic house built in 1927. This is the original roof.
Sorry I wasn’t able to deliver last year. Hurrican Irene came in and swamped me with repair and other work.

Two more pix of tte same roof. When you study these and the other pix, you can see there really is a method and uniformity of sorts to the madness.

Yes, headlaps align but butts are random. That’s a beautiful roof!

Also I notice the butts all slant the same direction, long at the lower right. How are these made? Are they cut or broken?

This is great information, Frank. I would love to come out and watch you work for a few days and get some pictures.

I use the slater’s hammer to knock a corner off, then use the hammer to round to whatever I get, depending on how much I feel like tapering off. Always have to pay attention so the remaining material closes the lower keyway to prevent headlap issues.
Can you find the one I rounded in the 5th. pic?

In post #9?

Post 12, L. pic.
So, you’d like to come out and see how an old man nods off and naps on slate roofs, eh?

Yeah… I saw your picture on your website man, you’re about my age. And slate contractors who fall asleep on the roof …

I think you undersell yourself a little!