Raised Foundation, pic included

Home was built in 1955, Riverside Calif.

The crawl space was less than 18 by 24. I took these pictures from
the crawl space opening. Its looks ok to me.

Any additional feedback ?



I would recommend a poly vapor barrier on that dirt, even in your climate. Also, I recommend putting on coveralls or raingear and crawling right to the back. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

I agree. Still crawl. What is that pipe material, PB?

Is that a dryer vent hanging down in back 1st pic of the crawlspace?

Gotta go in to see. That’s a nice crawlspace compared to many. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get in there!!! Thats a pretty nice crawl space for the age compared to what you can find around here… Nice & tall concrete piers… etc.

  • Agree on the vapor retarder.
  • Is that lighter colored floor joist, finger-jointed??
  • I see white specks on the joists,… we have wood boring beetles up here, don’t know about your area… plus hard to determine from a picture.

My last crawl…


If you fit, dress for success and make the crawl. I wouldn’t sell my inspection report with an “Its looks ok to me.” Just Do It. Your client isn’t going to make the crawl, its what you get paid for. Just think how impressed your client is going to be with your no hesitation “get er done” attitude and dive right in there AND how glad he/she will be to pay you for it!

Just my .02 cents worth. Well, maybe a nickels worth I donno, its looks ok to me. I think you get my drift.

That’s probably the nicest (cleanest) crawlspace you’ll ever find in CA. Why would you not enter this space? I hope your report doesn’t imply that you did.

There are many items that are concealed when your “inspection” is from the access only. The bathrooms and kitchen plumbing aren’t visible in your photo, so they’re probably beyond that intermediate foundation wall in picture two.

Having been built in 1955, this foundation has been subjected to several large quakes, in and around Riverside, that may well have impacted areas only visible from within the crawlspace.

I would suggest that you make no comments pertaining to the crawlspace, other than to say it was not inspected.

I agree, ya gotta go in and inspect.
The white material on the joists may be nothing, or could be signs of WDO activity. White pocket rot (type of fungus) and/or termites (probably dry wood type) come to mind.
Jeff has a point about unknown (by you) seismic damage possibly existing. I suggest, for your on sake, go back an crawl…