Range hood

I recently fitted a range hood above my electric range. There wasn’t one and I believe that code says there should be. It is not vented but has carbon filters, which I believe to be acceptable.

Here is my question (unless you wish to make a point about the range hood not being vented). Just above and behind my range there is a receptacle. The range hood is being powered from that receptacle by a power cord and plug (supplied with it). The wire runs six inches up the wall to the range hood. Are there any issues with this? I know the best solutioin is to power a range hood from a receptacle installed in a cupboard above the range but I do not have this.

My potential concern is that a cable is essentially rising flush with the wall from behind the top of the range, then up the wall to the range hood.

no idea what koads might say.

cord could possibly be subject to mechanical and/or heat damage.

i’de consult with an electrician to see if moving the outlet is possible.

I don’t know of any codes that state that a ventilation hood is required over every stove. As far as venting this hood to the exterior, 90% of the hoods in homes today do not vent to the exterior. They are self-ventilated. It’s a simple fan that sucks the air from below, runs through a filter, then discharges this air from the vent above.

If the supplied wiring to this ventilator is exposed and runs up the wall behind the stove, I see this as a safety issue. I would recommend an Electrician correct this issue.

2006 IRC for appliance connections:


2005 NEC proposals:


Check your manufacturers installation instructions. In the absence of specific directions for this situation then I would consult with a licensed electrician. There is the potential for damage if close enough to the heat source.**