Customer call today and knows that I inspected a house that he’s looking at. He wants to use me to reinspect the property (2 years later) But the lady won’t let me in here home because the last time I inspected it, the report blew the deal for purchase. The new buyer wants to discuss what was on the the old report and he said he would pay me for my time. I know that this may cause problems!! What should I do???

I think let the agent handle this .
He has more power then others do.
Then if successful do a full proper inspection .
Things are not the same two years later.

Contact the old clients if you have their info. I’m sure they’d sell it to him as they have no use for it now.

The old report is 2 years old and is useless. I wouldn’t discuss anything from the previous report.

If the owner won’t let someone in to perform the inspection, let the agents and lawyers sort it out.