Re-Roof Afadavit Verification

If a Home Inspector has completed the Wind Mitigation course that means he or she can carry out the Wind Mitigation Verification. My question is, can that Inspector perform the Inspection where the home is being re-roofed and the Mitigation Affidavit form, as required by the County, be signed by that Inspector. That is also providing that he or she is not the Home Owner. This in the State of Florida

If you are talking about the “roofer’s affidavit” for permitting, the answer is NO…the roofing contractor of record has to complete that. If this is a homeowner permit, the homeowner has to sign it, but you can help him with that I guess. Or, and probably preferable, have the homeowner check with his own AHJ on what to do about the affidavit. You, as an HI with the WM training, can fill out the 1802 for insurance.

Okay, the home owner has pulled his own permit, he is required to get a mitigation affidavit signed by a licensed inspector, licensed under FL Statute 468. He as the home owner cannot sign this. The affidavit, is a mitigation affidavit.
The requirements are in order to sign this, you have to be a General, or Building, or Residential Roofing Contractor, or Licensed Inspector under FS 468, that must complete the Inspection affidavit and then the inspector has it notarized. The form is IPS09. The form clearly states that the Home Owner Cannot Sign the form.
So it would be my belief a Home Inspector who has completed the Wind Mitigation Course, and have proof by certification can sign this. If the Home Inspector cannot this affidavit, then by virtue, this says that as a qualified Wind Mitigation Inspector he or she is not suitably qualified at all.
Just trying to clear and solve a valid issue, that to all Inspectors I would believe to be beneficial. Sarasota County

Do you have a link or a copy of the form…all counties are different.

Ok, I just looked up the form. That is the standard roofing affidavit. A home inspector can not sign this either…must be a Building inspector under 468. Might have to get a roofer or a Div 1 contractor to sign it. If you can’t find anybody down there, I could come down and do it…PM me.