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Wow! What a great deal.

Are there downloadable narratives for homegauge?

That’s a great deal from the largest home inspector software company in the industry.
No wonder they’re #1.

That picture of Russell in drag is going to give me bad dreams.

Me too. :shock:Must be an east coast thing.

I didn’t add up what all of the features and software and help and everything else would cost you but it looks like you can get everything for well under $18,000

I would hope so.

Awesome deals begin at midnight!

no nope…that’s Betty Rose Bull. My first cousin.

There has never been a better deal. Nick makes the discount so low, I think anyone thinking they may hire someone in the future should buy an extra license

Kenton Shepard is currently trying to get them in our library and will sell them at a great deal in the future.

Dom says you don’t have anybody available for tech support today. Is that true?

I spoke with Kirsten and Tracey from HG about 5 times last week.

We do not have live support available Saturday or Sunday although I answered some calls on Thanksgiving day when I came by the office (from our Canadian users). We have many friendly users that will help you when you post here. Our software works and you will likely never need support that often unless you are new. You can also watch videos on youtube I recommend “Workshop with Russell” parts 1-9 and more.

During the week you have 6 fulltime dedicated staff to answer the phone, remote view your computer if needed and help you no matter how many times you call or how long. We help our users to catch their own fish and before long, you will know the software as well as any of us!

Just purchased - Not to sure how I feel about only being able to use the companion on only one device - I have a iPad, iPad Mini, Android tablets, 2 iPhones and at least 2 Android phones. If I bought the license why can’t I use it on whatever mobile device I feel like using that day?

One device at a time?

The desktop will allow multiple activations so long as it is one inspector. So we allow you to put it on other computers or your office person as well. The HG Companion app is per device. You can remove activation on one and put it on another anytime with a click. Since we have a merge feature and allow multiple inspectors to converge on one home with their device each, then per device makes sense. We do offer extra licenses at very low prices. But, as I said earlier, you can move the license around to your devices when desired.

I guess if that works. I’ll give it a shot. I’m looking forward to using HG. Trying to setup a time for a one on one with Shancy, so that I can get familiar with your program.

We are excited to be on your team!

Do yourself a favor and watch on youtube “HomeGauge Workshop with Russell” Parts 1-9