Really liking HG

I think HG is the best reporting software out there. I have been using this for a week since I won the subscription at the Christmas party. I’ve added all my customer and REA contacts in there. Adding my narratives was a breeze. I completed my first report yesterday out in the field on my phone. I like the system by system reporting. Took me about an hour to finish the report. Most of it was done out in the field through HG Companion. HG services is really cool, Let me send the client and REA a username and password to view the report. Then I can send a TRM (Time Release Message). I can use HG templates or use my own. I really recommend HG to anyone that is looking for a nice looking report and easy to use software.

I give HG 5 stars:D thanks Nick and Russell for the opportunity to win this awesome reporting software subscription at the Christmas party.

You’re diggin’ it, aren’t you Shawn? I’m really impressed with it as well. If you use QuickBooks, you’ll really like how it integrates with QB. You can build your price sheet in QB and export it to HG.

It’s great to hear! The year 2015 will be a great year for HG and HG users! Lots of cool things coming in 2015

HG is awesome.

I for one can not say one single thing against either HG or HIP.
Both Dom and Russell are both Great guys in my book.Oh ! Yes!

Each one of those two will help you in anyway they can.
This I have experienced myself. Yep!
I’m really glad that both are here.
Both have darn good software.Believe that!
I would hate for anyone to ask me who is the best!
I couldn’t give you an answer.
Each one has its high and lows.
The only way YOU will know for sure is test drive them yourself.
Then decide.
HIP and HG are the kings in home inspection software bar none.

Roy Lewis

Thank you Roy!

HG is awesome. Looking forward to the great things to come In 2015. Thanks Russell!

Have you set up the scheduling?

Not yet, I have to sit down and play with it.

So HG has like ISN too?

You can set up your services, assign each one an amount of time, determine how much time between jobs, and when you’re available, and clients can schedule themselves. Pretty cool.

HomeGauge has an online scheduler as part of the HG Services (no per report fee). It’s a simple scheduler and a bit clunky I must admit. We are building a different scheduler though with some slick features and the first release is due in February we think.

I’m looking forward to this.

This would be great Russell. We need an all in one service like ISN offers. I will switch in a New York second!!!

You need the email agreement and payment capabilities sent in an email to the customer. The rest really is fluff in my opinion. I would say that almost 90% of my customers call me for a appointment time (which I prefer by the way). But I love the fact that I only enter their info once and the rest is set to auto send.

It will have that and more!

Also Russell can I give you guys a call and figure out a way to change the default photo size for you photo page forms - I don’t like how small they are plus I get a few requests from insurance companies to resend original photos so that they can be seen better.

I’ll check with the nerds on providing an option for larger pics in the form.

Thanks, please let me know once you’ve got an answer.

Signing on tomorrow

2015 is the year I streamline and kick the obstacles to the curb.
I’m too busy for boat anchors

Good call :wink: