Received unknown calls or spam calls

I received daily 10 to 13 spam calls and messages on my phone. I had very much frustrated with the spam calls. I found Free reverse phone lookup tool but when i use they not work properly. some of application will paid but they charge high amount which i can not afford. If anyone have idea of free tools or website of reverse phone lookup then suggest me. help me!!!

Do not waste your money. I also receive a lot of spam calls but many of them are spoofing the phone numbers. (Using a legitimate number other than where they are calling from) The person’s number they use, have no idea their number is being used.

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On my iPhone, I just “Block this caller”.

Now, I receive 1 or 2 a month.

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I usually let it go to voice mail, and if they do not leave a message, I block them.:wink:


Yes, Joseph, that is another good way to do it.

The people that I know will know how to get ahold of me if I block one by mistake, which I haven’t as of now to my knowledge. They know others that I know, etc. :smile:

The federal government allowed and continues to allow this. When I have to stop what I’m doing to figure why my phone is ringing because they allow anyone to spam me, it’s non-productive time (actually a theft of my productivity) and becomes a business expense on your tax return…

How do you handle business expenses on your Schedule C? Think about it.

You need an app to track the blocked calls (which is tax deductible).
Calculate the time it takes to respond and block a robo-call.
How much do you gross per inspection/hr?
Do the multiplication.
5 calls x 2 min/call x 300 work days/yr / 60min/hr x (your hourly rate) = ?

Think that won’t get someone’s attention?!


There are quite a few spam call blockers, some of which are free. I currently use “should I answer”. most are only partially effective because spam callers now spoof your own area code and exchange and cycle numbers constantly. They will eliminate the repeat callers.

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Thank you all for the best suggestion. Actually, I found a solution from one of my friend they suggest a Spydialer website which provide a free phone lookup service in which if i recevie a call i will search that number on website they provide me a proper information.

yes sir, I had also try this method but it was not work properly i will receive most of calls which was starting from +140****** .

thanks for thoughts sir, I didn’t think about those expenses, tax and all. this very much important for me.

Every business gets tons of SPAM calls per day.

I hired someone to answer my phone for me. I now personally hear 100% less SPAM calls per day.

And you claim that expense?!