Can you claim Robo calls as a tax deduction?

Anyone figure out how to convert all those tiresome phone calls throughout the day from people that want to put you on Google page 1. Give you money then you don’t need. Claim your website cannot be found?

I have 270 blocked phone numbers this year. These idiots have several hundred phone numbers they can use to get around the block. I am on the no call list. I opt out on every phone call. But they keep on calling. The government allowed solicitation on cell phones a couple years back and I calculate that my time interrupted on a daily basis comes to about $1200 in lost time at work.

It’s the government’s fault for for allowing cell phones to be’s my opinion that they should pay for it because they don’t seem to want to enforce it.

Any good ideas?

Suck it up ol’ man.

Call Morgan & Morgan they claim they will get you $1500 for each and every unwanted call. so after their 1/3(?) that is still $1000 per call. :wink:

Got a WEB site? At that rate, and the number of harassing calls I get, I can stop inspecting! :smiley: