Receptacle Question

Has anyone seen these before? The top is solid and the bottom has 2 small screws. I removed a screw, and it appears that it is made to accept the screws. I have not seen these before and assume it is some type of a safety cover.

Looks like a connector for early 300 ohm Biaxial cable used from the antenna to the tv.

lol…looks like something WELL before my time I can promise you that. Nope sorry as I would have to do with what Stephen said…not that I am trusting anything Stephen says…lol

Thanks for the support Paul. Now where did I put that picture…:wink:

It is a Blonder Tongue VersaTap V series one tap output, 300 ohm wall plate for tv antenna or FM connection.

So what was it like to actually meet Tesla, Stephen??? :wink:

LOL. I’m not that old but old enough to remember these in my dad’s house. In fact knowing my dad, there are still some stored in some drawer or cubby in his garage.