Receptacle type

What are the specs for the 4 sloted recptacle and what device would this be used for?

I have a reference sheet but I dont see the exact type.



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That is most likely an L14-20R or an L14-30R.
It is a 4-wire, 125/250v, 20(or 30) amp twist lock receptacle.

I wonder what they were using it for. There is not much in a home you would need this for.

***I would definitely check to see if they were using this for a generator inlet. Obviously an illegal inlet as it would require the use of a male-to-male “suicide cord”. Also this type of installation would require a main breaker interlock or transfer switch so as not to accidentally backfeed the main breaker from the generator.
Are there any breakers marked “Generator”?

Some examples here:

Hi to all,

It may be being used as a hook up for an RV, or a mobile erc welder, I have seen several done like that.



A quick question – is this a commercial building that might be 3 phase or is it residential?Also to help out is this in an out building, garage, basement etc.?This could be a receptacle for just about anything and another reason it is what it is because this is what Joe home owner had laying around.rlb

Some equipment requires 120 volt and 240 volt so one neutral one ground and two hots .
Another could be 3 phase 208 volt and a ground.
Roy Cooke