Recessed Light fixture and insulation

There was a recessed light above the shower that was not I/C rated. It turned on the same time the vent fan was turned on. I removed the bulb and covered up the hole with some Greenboard drywall. I cannot reach the light fixture in the attic to save my life as it is installed all the way back to where the soffit are on the other side of the wall.

My question is, can I now cover the fixture with some insulation? You can feel the cold air coming down from the opening in the ceiling (with the temp. piece of drywall removed.)

I still have the exhaust fan operational and connected to the light fixture, just removed the bulb like I said.

Many thanks in advance…

You’ve removed the source of heat… for now… but in the future someone could decide to put a bulb back in there and use the light. They might not know enough to check to see if the can is IC rated or covered with insulation and so it could become a potential fire hazard.

I agree.

Simply upgrade the fixture to an IC rated fixture and you now have the light you need. You will eventually miss that light (that you removed) as the shower cavity will now become be a dark dungeon.

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