Recommend a contractor or “diy”

Disclaimer: I’m an inspection student.

I’m hesitant to recommend a homeowner take care of something that involves tools because of potential risk but wondering what you do in this common situation:
Underdriven fastener nails in wood siding.

While I feel most people could drive those in with a hammer, would you recommend a siding contractor and list it as a defect?

I would hammer it back in .

In my state I’d always recommend a qualified professional. If the client wishes they can do it themselves. I don’t know what the client is capable of and will not decide for them. What if you tell them “hey, just go grab that ladder and pull the nail out or hammer it back in”. They try exactly that, fall, and break a leg… guess what! Today’s society always looks for someone to blame. It ain’t going to be me! 40 years ago you could definitely tell them to do it.


I recommend a licensed contractor perform all repairs. If you recommend on your report otherwise and the home is purchased with a poor repair who’s fault is it?


I’m with Martin on this one. Yours is not the best example for poor homeowner repairs. Consider the lack of warranty in any repair done by the homeowner even if they’re qualified. The seller won’t return if the repair they did is not right or fails after some time.

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Where are they gonna hang their Christmas decorations/wreath??


Thank you for the suggestions.

Would y’all still recommend contractors for basic maintenance items such as changing air filters and cleaning gutters? I feel like common sense can tell you the things that are The most basic regular homeowner tasks and then anything that you have to be “handy” to do, should be recommended to a contractor?

You don’t have to specify for those items. Just say… checking and changing the filter is recommended. Let them figure out how or who to get, if anyone, for those cases.


If you’re not capable, you better be rich or an apartment dweller for the rest of your life!!

I just include a section of the report that says “Service Locations” and specifies those maintenance items that will need regular attention and those that provide some emergency relief - like turning of the water in the event of a leak.

I never, ever, recommend DIY.

I don’t care how simple it is.

Because I know too many people who don’t know the difference between a hammer and screw driver and think they need to hire a specialist because their sprinkler is aimed the wrong direction.

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I personally stick to using words like Qualified Person or Contractor for the small stuff. Most anything dealing with Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and or Roof it going to also include words like Qualified and Licensed. Sometimes you need shake up your verbiage some so your report does not read like a tax form or an EULA agreement from Microsoft (not that anyone has have ever read one… before clicking yes).