Recommend good seminars to take.

I’m still working full time in at another job while taking all my Home Inspection courses. Would you guys be able to recommend some great seminars or trainning courses to take in the evenings in the GTA.

Thanks in advance.


Depends on previous experience and knowledge. Probably the most useful independent CE I’ve taken was Dale Feb’s one day fireplace class (good for both NACHI and IL CE credits, BTW). An “advanced electrical” class taught by a good instructor is also IMO worthwhile for someone starting out.

But probably the best resources are free: the, and message boards.

Read them carefully, take extensive notes, build up a reference library of links, and you will be **way **ahead of the typical first or second year inspector.

I would suggest a basic electrical inspection class before an advanced one…understanding the basics of what you are looking at helps clear out the myths when going into the advanced subjects.

Get your training in all the basics os every system…once you are done you will have basic grasps of all dwelling systems…then you can venture into more advanced subjects within those fields.

Hello Victor - many of the colleges in the GTA offer inclass and online delivery modes for home inspection topics such as Intro, Structures, Building Science, Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical.

They vary in price and content. Example some are 32 - 40 hours duration others are 80+ hours.

Although there are many courses/seminars offered, you may find it best to consider the applicability of specific course content that focuses on issues in your area, as well as “fulfilling” your own personal and business goals.

Classes are Great they give you much knowledge but will not ( in my openion make you a good inspector ).
I was very fortunate to be able to do 100 Inspections with my son as well as taking many courses.
I feel the hands on training I received was better then all the Courses I have taken ( I have taken more then Many Home Inspectors) .
If you can find some one to take you out and even if you pay them $50:00 a trip this could be the best money you could invest in this Industry and will give you a big jump on most others who are becoming Home Inspectors .

Roy Cooke