Recommended Ladder Size?

Good Afternoon,
Does anyone have an idea on what a good ladder size for inspectors is? To small is useless and to big is dangerous. I would like to hear your thoughts. I don’t know if this helps but I am in NYC.

I just carry a 18.5’ extendable ladder and can usually get on most roofs. I get on the lower roof and then pull the ladder up to get on the upper roofs if there are any. I also have a 10’ extendable A frame ladder to get through attic hatches. I carry both ladders in my car. Hope this helps.

I have a 12’ and a 16’ little giant style ladders.

Make sure you have good insurance if you are going to continue this practice. It only takes one time for you to fall doing this. Take it from someone who knows. I spent 3.5 months in the hospital and a year in recovery doing what you do. if you are going to do two story roof you need a 32 foot ladder. Time to make the decision to do things the right way

That question has been asked very many times…
You need to learn to use the search feature.

Whatever fits comfortably in my van along side my spectoscope and drone. If something has to go on the roof of the van, to me, it is too big. I drive 50,000 miles per year…the noise and lack of gas mileage would kill me. Not to mention, getting it on and taking it off the vehicle. I prefer to go stealth.

Exactly I only used a Little giant 17 Ft.

Lg 13 & 26

Little Giant is better than the others in it’s type.
I also carry a telescoping xtend and climb, I like it, extremely portable. have to be careful with it, though there was a consensus that it was the safest of it’s (telescoping) type. Horror stories on other brands.

You didn’t state what borough you are in: Staten Island? Manhattan? I assume you will have a windowless van? Theft was a big problem, and graffiti on the vehicles, when I lived there in the late 80s.

Aluminum tool cases w/ casters and handles were the ‘In’ way to carry tools in the big apple back then.

13’ and 17’ multi-fold and 28’ extension.

10’ Telescoping for I/S, and 13’ LG for outside.

21’ extension goes out on commercial jobs.

Many inspectors, who ask questions such as these on this web site, should not be in the business of home inspections.

Go back to school.

I suggest you just rent a helicopter for every inspection. The sky, and your safety, are the limit.

Well! You ain’t no help!
It takes two.
One to do the little jobs and one to do the big ones.

Look at the homes you are going to inspect and then find a ladder that will work for you and your area. We have very few two stories in my area so I only carry a little giant 19’ and a 6’ step ladder. It all that I need.

If you have a ton of two stories then you may want to think about how you are going to inspect them. You can use a spectoscope or a 30’ ladder.

A man has to know his limitations. If a person does not know that, or which ladder to use, he/she needs to find another career/business.

I had a commercial inspection today with no roof access. The top of the parapet wall was 28’ off the ground. Instead of purchasing a ladder I rented one from Home Depot. $23.00 dollars well spent. Just a thought.

I carry a little giant 22’, and an extendandclimb 17’.

1 ladder, 12.5 extend and climb. I get on 99%+ of roofs with no pulling the ladder up. Style of house in your area is what answers this question.

I got a 22 foot Werner, folding take off of the Little Giant.

It’s kind of heavy. I probably could have went with 16 foot for most roofs.