Booked up through monday myself, and have some Termite CEU’s to get to online. Anyone else still doing HOME INSPECTIONS??? :mrgreen:

Monday of witch week Mr kelly? I per-fur to fly by the pants.

Lighten up and have fun once in a while dude.
By the way I do Property Inspections.:slight_smile:

Bob, property inspections, really?? Got any proof? :stuck_out_tongue:

And Bob, why don’t you try and get the JOKE once and awhile instead of becomming it. :mrgreen:

Yes although this week was a lil slower I performed HOME INSPECTIONS daily… and today, I’m leaving in a 1/2 hour!! Next week only 3 scd’d so far :frowning:

March, April and parts of May were super strong.

Last part of may and this month a little slower.

A “meeting” I went to last week the chapter there indicated some guys did 30-40 in march and april and less than 10 :frowning: in May.

I’m lucky I guess.

Property Inspections comes up less as a search term on my server logs BTW. :wink:


I’m booked through the 22ND of the month with HOME INSPECTIONS :mrgreen: The first two weeks of June were a little slower than usual, but I managed to complete 18 HOME INSPECTIONS so far this month. . .

Catching up to you I’ve completed 10 home inspections, 5 lateral sewer inspections and 8 WDO however lateral and WDO is subed but I booked it! :slight_smile: I don’t see how some of you do this twice or three times a day 7 days a week. I have my reports pre built and make changes to my findings and add pics and still takes atleast an hour.


The cited stock is up 53% since the article appeared four months ago.*

I think we have a lot of pain ahead of us Joe.

The market is a leading indicator as it tends to look forward.
Unfortunately the recent gains are built on a foundation hope rather than real positive things happening in the economy.

Proceed with great caution.

Disclosure: I hold a small position in SBUX*

It is in your left hand :twisted:

Brian seems a bit cranky lately.

I hope everything is alright.

They are closing the store up the street from me this week. Maybe if there wasn’t another inside the Albertsons 100 yards away in the same shopping center they wouldn’t have had a problem.

Must be working to hard.

He’s a hard worker. I’ll vouch for that.

Two of my good friends in cities nearby have told me recently that this year as of 5/31 they were off by 119 and 127 inspections respectively compared to the same time last year AND last year was a poor year for them.

Both these guys are multi man shops (themselves marketing and part-time HI and 2 other guys).

I’m off 44 from same time last year and last year was a weak year.

Yes its up from December / BUT, I’m not seeing anything great.

I’m up from last year by only about 30 inspections, but more importantly, my YTD gross income is up by about $12K from last year.

That is good Jeff.:):smiley:

My bonuses have been cut off, my wages frozen, and the market sucks.:mrgreen:

That’s why you shouldn’t be working for your wife :wink:

Other than a breif slow-down in the beginning of the month, business has been really good (exhausting at times) this year in CA.


Thanks for that tip. :slight_smile:

Geesh… I booked 3 and had the typical…“escrow is opening next week and wanted to check in with you” about 4 times, just in a few hours yesterday while out in the field… was getting ready to throw my phone across the yard (I then regained my senses)

“Book 'em, Danno” :slight_smile: