Time To Get Back To Inspections---

Well Dale, David & Dylan, will this do?:smiley:


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Ditto…I agree, Yep, ahah, pefect, couldn’t be happier, etc.

Now lets show everybody who is NOT working, how to get work.

Since my last post this afternoon I have 3 inspections scheduled.

  1. A realtor called who wants only 4 locations inspected in a house which the Termite Inspector noted signs of past moisture present…so I have an FHA loan client who needs JUST those locations inspected to make sure there are no active leaks, simple one hr. inspection with small one page report included.

  2. An inspection for a house, first of next week.

  3. A real small commercial building they only want the major system & components inspected (vacant office condo) one hr. tops.

  4. It’s Wed; the phone will ring more before the weekend, these were emails from past customers.

  5. Don’t worry, be happy–:)))

Happy now that Obama won BUMP…just kidding. That’s awesome. Work is good. Work make happy. Work is good.

Those FHA’s provide the reports don’t they?

Since my last post this afternoon I went to my Environmentally Responsible Building and again sat through the worst lecturer on the subject in this free world. This subject matter is fascinating, but man this guy is brutal. And he always forgets to give us breaks. This week 7 people showed up. The class started with over 20.

No FHA report, the realtor wants a second opinion from the Termite guys report who is REQUIRED to note any past or present moisture stains.

We as inspectors are required by the state of AZ to also report any past or present moisture related stains - issues, but the Termite inspector has to document any sign of moisture stains without any reason why they may be there, or if there is even any present moisture or leaks.


We simply have to check the 4 locations with a moisture meter and document whether there is indeed present moisture, or they are simply past stains.

The realtor said two of the locations were at the base of a bathroom sink base cabinet.

Ever see a sink base cabinet that didn’t have a past minuet moisture stain from usually a past leak at the trap or water supply line to the sink generally from when the house was built.

Me thinks FHA is getting a little tougher on their inspection reports from Termite inspectors, who here in AZ, use nothing but their eyes and a probing tool.

Stains on the base? You got to be kidding me. People are scared stiff.

FHA generally is…ever deal with them?..ask Brian K–:)))

Dry-Rot flips them out also, no matter how Tiny it may be-:slight_smile:

So the moral of the story is to OFFER as many types of inspections POSSIBLE to stay BUSY…!!!

I think I always try charging them too much and they don’t schedule. I broke that habit lately though.

A lot more FHA loans going through now than before, and I for one could use the termite report reinspection money.