Reminder: Tomorrow all past-due members will be removed from all NACHI websites.

Were they???

Seriously, Nick, thanks for the convention. Our company is meeting Monday and will be in touch.

What about all the “fee-bees”? You know; those who at one time or another were granted free memberships that we paying members support with our membership dollars. Are they going to be turffed too, or are their free memberships granted for life? I, and thousands of other N.A.C.H.I. members work for our hard earned dollars and choose to spend some of them supporting this organization. Are life time free-bee memberships (other than those granted to “members of the year” and other such official recognitions of course) fair to those paying members?

There are no life time free memberships (other than those who get their dues paid by NACHI for heading projects or past Presidents or members-of-the-year, etc.) Everyone else was removed earlier this week.

Hello Nick,
Great convention, I applied online for renewal and paid by american express on May 9/07 and as of today I still have not recieved any confirmation, I have emailed Deanna but no response yet.
Mike member#06063097
Homestead Inspections

No wonder I did not get any calls when I was in Fiji…I didn’t see the post…:mrgreen:

mleblanc, It would appear you are paid up until July 2008.
click here to see your verification

Did you give youe Name and pass word when you signed in This could be all that is wrong .

Thank you

I signed in members only section and still shows me as non member