Rental condition inspections

Hello everyone, I am considering adding rental condition inspections to my services. My question is how much do you charge for these? I had a real estate agent reach out to me for one and for a 2100 square foot home I charged 200.00 dollar to document the existing condition. It was pretty simple took under 2 hours to do but not sure if I gave him a deal or took him for too much. Any input is greatly appreciated.

What was the ‘Scope’ of the inspection?

I use to do rental inspections, if a rental property was what you are referring to, but have omitted them altogether for the most part from my home inspection services.

I charge the same fee.
Nothing simple in the home inspection business. No fast money. Just underbussed inspector littering the streets that thought so.

Reason. You can become entangled in tenant, landlord feuds which can become legal events. You may end up in court freely testifying.

The plaintiff or defendant, depending upon which side of the table you are seated, can be exasperating. Emotions play out. Or because they hired you they think you work for them not realizing, or unprepared to realize, you separate yourself from both parties and the report is and independent condition assessment. You become either an expert witness, or a witness of fact.

So unless you can speak as an expert witness, and have your PIA setup for such eventualities, monetarily and legally speaking of course, I would avoid rental inspection useless you you are truly interested in this field.

Best of luck with all your endeavors.
Robert Young,
Robert Young’s Montreal Home Inspection Services inc.

PS: I will be witness of fact June 6th at a rental board hearing that oversees tenant, landlord complaints. Although I have a monetary provision in my PIA, my clients did not notify me of the hearing and I am called a witness of fact. not a good way to start a trusting relationship. I explained to them to keep me in the loop.

My ‘free recall’ may not be what it should be that day.
I will converse the your honor to insure my points are made.

Good luck with your decision.

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Thank you for your input you have definitely got me thinking now.

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You still haven’t defined what specifically you’re being hired to inspect.

Are you documenting the before & after condition of a rental property for the historical record?

Are you inspecting a rental property post-lease only, to document the condition?

Are you inspecting a rental property because someone is buying it now?

I complete lots of “rental” inspections, each one has a different need. Some are for seasoned investors or property owners, others are for property management companies, very few are for tenants (they typically don’t want to pay the fee…)


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During the inspection I

Check operation of appliances

Operation of hvac

Inspect condition of interior walls, carpet, tile,

Check for operation of shower sink and toilet

And forgot provifding this service pre and post lease

Then that is EXACTLY what your Contract (which should spell out the SCOPE) needs to say! Your “agreed upon” contract with your Client’s and your signature on it control everything. As for the FEE… I would base it on a “Time” estimate for each home (as everyone is different), for a ‘Flat Fee’, or better yet, a Per/Hour Rate with a Minimum, ie. $150.00 p/hr, MINIMUM 2 hours!!


Thank you for your input