Create Repair Request invalid....

Hey Russel I did not heard back from you on the other tread so I stared a new one. Maybe the other one is abandoned. However the Invalid document error still exists. We long ago changed our summary only upload document type to the inspection type but the error persists.

Also we would only upload a full report but the agents cannot email just the summary. They demand a summary only document type.

The summary document is not an Inspection. If you call it an Inspection the feature thinks it is but it will not work because it is just a Summary.

Agents do not need to email the summary only if they use the feature.
If you would like to discuss this more, please call in so we can explain it better.

I don’t understand. Does that mean you are not going to help with this. Agents have been asking me about the error. What should I tell them.

Russel. I don’t care why it does not work on the summary only doc type. The create repair link shows up and then folks get the invalid doc error and call thinking that the summary document is faulty.

When the browser back button is pressed the link is no longer available here. It now only shows under the full report.

I think you intend that the link will only ever show under the full report type. I get it but make it work so the create repair link does not show under any other doc type.
Does that make sense.

You can turn off the feature, or you can call the summary document a summary and not an inspection and the link should not show. Please call if you have any questions.

I call. But why not make it work for me. I’m not the only one you uploads a separate summary. I really like the feature.

Hi Kenneth,
If you will change the document type from inspection to Summary because that is exactly what document it is a summary, then the feature will not show up in the summary. There is no error here except that you have created a document called summary and under the document type you have named it inspection. It is not an inspection. It is a summary. If you will call in we will show you how to change the document type you named inspection to the actual document type it really is, a “Summary”

Please don’t be upset if I stop responding to this thread or the identical one you started originally. My answer is the same. Please call in for personalized service!

Aw just forget about it.

All you have to do is change the document type in your print settings . Its not that difficult and we are willing to help you change it with about 4 clicks.

I can change the document type. I should not have to but would change it from inspection to summary. Then we run into a different problem. The download document under the manage drop down no longer appears. From time to time the we need to download just the summary and the computer that created it it not available for a cloud transfer.

Why Why can we not just ask the developers to make the document type work with the new feature.

Another reason we use the summary only upload is because we can create a 1,2,3 through … list which makes it easier to discuss later when clients have questions. We have good reasons for our summary only upload. You have created a great new feature why not give a good reason why or just see if you could make it work. It would help my/homegauge realtors in my area. I’m not complaining but it seems odd that it cannot be done easily by experienced developers. I mean my request is good for clients and realtors not just me.

The code was written to pull from the entire report. It was not written to pull from a report that was previously parsed from another report. The summary is being pulled from the full report. The feature is pulling from the full report.

The document types are like precious metals. Call Gold Gold and Silver silver. Call an inspection report and inspection report and call a summary a summary. We have to code with common logic in order to build upon it correctly.

Horse is dead.

Not yet maybe you can still help us. I have no issue with changing the summary to a different document type. I get it. We only changed it to inspection because sometimes we need to pull down a report and the computer it was created on is not available to push to the cloud to pull from the cloud. But when summary only was set to summary doc type then under manage there is no download option available. If you could help with that it would be great. We very rarely have to re-download but when we need to it is important. Thx.