Report: 43 % of US Voters Terminally Stupid

Read it and weep.

It’s called Democracy Joe :wink:



This poll proves why it is so important to vote. All of the people I hear say they will never vote again are Republicans or Conservatives. If this happens again next year and in 2012, expect a repeat of the worst president in history. Anyone who did not vote, has no right to gripe about anything. Yes most people are stupid and the proof is in the White House!

I voted and we still got a nitwit for a president.

When 43 % of the nation can’t see what a disaster this empty suit is, the country is doomed.

I am never voting again.

I agree, the country is doomed, it is just painful to watch it happen. The biggest question I have is,"How can anyone who approves of how he is handling the economy, own and operate a business? :neutral:

Joe, if every soldier quit fighting when a battle was lost, the war would be lost too. If all the smart people quit voting, only the stupid people will, and the smart ones will have to foot the bill. Too many smart people didn’t vote last time because they didn’t like their choices. If they were just a little bit smarter they would have realized what they were giving away.

Amen Mark!

To Fox News, an organization that has purposefully attacked the President of the United States with the intent of discrediting him - hourly - since his inauguration, this news must come as a shocking blow.

What it reveals, however, is how far out on the fringe some folks actually are.

It is understood and accepted by many that there is nothing…not one single thing, aside from resignation…that the President of the United States can do to win acceptance from those who hate him, personally, for whatever reasons he has been prejudged by them. So they are ignored…by him, and the mainstream of America…which compounds their anger ten-fold.

That is why Homeland Security is profiling them, watching them, and monitoring them…and, hopefully, protecting ALL of us from them…as their anger and frustration continues to build.

The “fringies” cannot understand why no one else can “see” what they can see, so plainly. They actually think that they are the only sane people in an insane world…much like the Hari Krishna who sees non-krishnas as 'condemned" people who do not matter. Blowing up the Murrow Building…to these people…is an act of sanity to “wake up” the rest of the world to the dangers that they see…and no one else does.

We are fortunate to have a system…and a President…who can continue to govern in the midst of such drolls.

Did Homeland Security also profile and monitor all the Bush haters that spewed their garbage on a continual basis?

Your becoming quite the drama queen Jim.:roll:

I know that must make Comrade Snitch very happy. His son is over there killing his daddies friends…well supposedly.

I will admit, McCain was my last choice of all the Republican canidates in the first place and Obama was next to last with the exception od Dennis K. the nut case. I voted strictly for the better of the two evils, if you will. But I voted none-the-less. Came close to not voting for sure. In other words I agree with you Mark!

People are in shock that the housing market is down and their business is down. Business is up here. Less houses being sold but so many inspectors are getting out of the industry that instead of their being so many inspector we are actually dwindling down here…less inspector…more inspections. People with money always have money, I can see where there is less of a middle class and more of a economical divide.

When this economic climate hit…I thought…what do people want? I mean what do THEY WANT FROM ME…they wanted less time on the inspection…Now we provide 4 inspectors per job…they wanted an all in one company…we provide every inspection need they have…mold, radon, termite, Wind mits…I hired ANOTHER secretary for the office to ensure each person got excellent service in a timely fashion.

In the beginning I lost some money…paying all those people, taxes, equipment getting broken, lost…but now its AWESOME…we do about 40 inspections a week and business is awesome and we are just NOW getting into our season.

Looking at the gloom and doom and ******** gets nothing done. President Obama did not get us into this in 120 days and nor will he fully get us out of this…it will take time. Crying, whining and slinging snot does nothing. If your business is slow…re-invent yourself and your company. If your slow…doing the same thing over and over very seldom leads to different results.

I like and support our President. I proudly voted for him and will do so again. I support the public health care plan…I support gay marriage and gays in the military…I could care less if he is from wherever…Botswana, or wherever…I care less if he gets an occasional hummer in the oval office…Should he have won the Nobel peace prize? Does it matter? He won it! So many people in the European Union hated BUSH they did this…kinda funny of you ask me…

BTW I am one of the 43% who would vote for him again…Its not the president who runs my company…its me…

Paying more taxes…you guys crack me up…get a GOOD accountant…he pays for himself 10 fold…been audited twice…never had a single issue…Don’t pay more taxes…HIRE BETTER ACCOUNTANTS!