Report Software

I am looking for a user friendly report software that is professional and easy to use. I would appreciate any help I can get, as I am just getting started, Thanks

I use this one…

I use HIP

Go with HIP

I use HomeGauge an love it. My recommendation is to do the trial version on each one and test drive it. HIP and HG are one of the best. If your on a budget, which I was when I first started then I recommend ReportHost. Its a pay as you go, but a clean report. Reporthost gives you 10 free reports or 15 free if your an InterNACHI member. Good Luck

I’ve been using InspectVue since 2003 and have been very pleased. I’ve had several Realtors over the years drop their previous inspectors because they like the report format and clean, professional look of my report.

It’s not perfect, but it seems to work well and many of the top inspectors on the west coast still prefer it.

I tried trial versions of Palm, HIP, and InspectIT. Went with InspectIT. Very easy and clean.