Software recommendations

Can I get any advice/opionions on report software?
We are just now in the (very expensive) start up of our company. I purchased some “less expensive” software & I got what I paid for!
i’m very unhappy with it. I have reviewed several links on NACHI & looked at prices, etc. But i was wondering if anyone could make their personal/professional recommendation to me?

I would appreciate any & all insight. What software do you use?


This subject has been asked many times.

Try this link. tware

Thanks for your help.
I’ll take a look…

The one software I’m looking at isn’t mentioned…does anyone have an opinion about XL pro and/or PalmTech software?
We are just using the home office PC right now - nothing “technical” in the field yet.

Try the search feature at the top. Just type in Palm Tech and you will find all types of info.


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Thanks Nick

Hi-Port has a really great offer right now. If you purchase the office software that they offer, then you get one year’s lease of the inspection software just for the $99 purchase price. So you get both for only $99 for one year, which is adequate time to see if it is something you want to continue with.

Thanks - I’ll take a look.
I appreciate the help. I need it!!

I use Palm-Tech software and am very satisfied. Prints a very nice report and you have a lot of options. You can also add pictures. I do all my reports at home on my PC. You have more options on your home Pc than you do on your handheld. Try the free demo

You made the classic mistake with one of the most important tools in your bag - inspections software. I bought 3D 5 years ago and have never look back. The initial purchase price amortized over 5 years means my actual cost per year is $150 per year. Not bad considering its the full office suite including 3D pocketPC. Today many companies offer limited demo versions and I would encourage you to try the interesting ones. If they don’t offer a demo move on.


i have ordered the Palm Tech demo - thanks for the heads up.
I’ll get some others & compare.
from what i’ve seen of the Palm Tech sample reports, it does good work!
thanks for all the help.

I have sampled many different report-writing software packages, and Porter Valley (Inspectvue) is, by far, the best. Home Gauge is a close second.


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Go here and check out all of the insane NACHI deals:

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